Interview with Ukraine Designer Vyacheslav Beda

Interview with Ukraine Designer Vyacheslav Beda
Interview with Ukraine Designer Vyacheslav Beda

Vyacheslav Beda is a talented designer from Odessa, Ukraine. He worked as Art Director for Andrew Eksarew Studio and as Senior Designer for Citrus Discount. His design philosophy revolves around the logic in beauty and this can be seen in the overall aesthetic of his work. Let's get to know him more through this interview.

Can you tell us more about yourself? What influenced you to become a designer?

I was born in a place which gave many talented artist to the world. In Odessa you are an artist or a gambler. At some times, both.

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What is a typical day like for you?

I just moved to be a freelance designer. But I'm working in a fixed time - 10.00 to 18.00. Then I'm making my own projects.


How have you evolved as a designer?

In a post-soviet space, design is mainly at a very low level. I hate all this environment and wanna make some changes. Secondly, I like logic in things and it can be always improved.


Would you say that you have a signature style? Can you describe it?

I got monochromator, so sometimes my works are crazy on colors.

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What is your favorite medium to work with?

When it's quiet, I like to go in work with all my mind.


What is your design process like?

Ideas come suddenly. All information in my brain is in browian motion.


What do you consider as your big break?

For an artist the main goal is to be famous.Interview is pieсe of it.


Can you tell us more about your personal works? What are your inspiration in creating these?

Last 10 months I was working as a graphic designer at some firm, so I have little time for my own projects. Many of my projects isn't published yet.


Do you have any upcoming projects?

Industrial design is my next goal.


Any message for our readers?

Make design smart and logical. Don't negotiate old researches in all fields.


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