Interview with Graphic Designer Paolo Todde

Interview with Graphic Designer Paolo Todde
Interview with Graphic Designer Paolo Todde

Are there any basic design principles that guide all of your work?

I don't have set rules or method that I follow. I start with a basic idea, I'll research and gather as much material as possible, then I start developing a rough sketch that will finalise into a finished work.


Which designers and creative minds were your biggest inspirations to your works? Has this changed in recent years at all?

I really admire the work of Zdzisław Beksiński above everybody else. His technique is definitely unique and recognisable. I love his textures and the mood. I am amazed by his creativity each time I look at one of his works. For similar reasons I love the work of french artist Eric Lacombe and Travis Smith (seempieces). I love the colours of Mario Sanchez Nevado and the mix of traditional and digital techniques by Jarek Kubicki. 


What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?

I'd like to improve personally and professionally as much as possible. I'd like to develop a personal and distinctive style. Keep creative and inspired by everything and everyone. I'd like to illustrate and design for a living one day and start my own studio.

More about Paolo Todde

Paolo is working in the UK since 2004 and is currently based in Brighton. Feel free to visit his Behance profile or website for more of his works.

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