11 Beautiful Photography Works by Christopher Jonassen

11 Beautiful Photography Works by Christopher Jonassen
11 Beautiful Photography Works by Christopher Jonassen

This interview features world renowned fine art Photographer Christopher Jonassen. A real visionary, he transforms ordinary, everyday things into visually stimulating works of art. His talent and passion is truly incomparable as can be seen in his work. Read on and be amazed by this talented photographer!

Hello Christopher! Can you please introduce yourself?

I was born in 1978 in Stavanger, a small city on the southwest coast of Norway. I have a MA in design from The University of Technology, Sydney (2005). During the day I work as a graphic designer for an award winning ad-agency. The rest of the time I spend photographing and developing conceptual fine-art projects. For me it is paramount to be in a creative environment. At the moment I'm also getting into Yoga and meditation, which is good for getting in touch with the inner creativity.


How did you get into photography? Was this a childhood dream?

I got my first SLR somewhere between my BA and MA and have never stopped shooting since. I have always been interested in photography's ability to convey a mood, feeling or idea.


Emotions are said to be an important aspect of photography. How crucial is this element for you as a photographer?

Photography has an unique way of conveying a feeling or emotion. This can help the viewer to connect to the piece and to relate to it based on personal experiences.


Does the people/scenery you capture influence you as a photographer?

The experience of creating my photographs are as big part of the project as the finished result.


What "tools of the trade" do you often use?

I use both analogue and digital cameras and I like shooting with available light as much as with flash. It depends on the type of project I'm working on. Everything has its own destinct look. For most of my work I use a Canon 5D mark II combined with L glass like the 24-105mm or the 50mm. I also use Canon 580EX II flashes and some Hensel 500 lights for the studio. I love Photoshop and Lightroom, but I like to keep it simple and mostly stick to what you would traditionally do in a darkroom. Less is (usually) more.


Can you tell us about "Devour"? What is the story behind this work?

Devour is an exploration of used frying-pans. Its a statement of my concern about the way we are treating this planet. Secondly, Its an appreciation of the beauty in the small things we surround ourselves with every day.

I think the title describes the project perfectly:

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