Interview with Photographer Jo Bentdal

Interview with Photographer Jo Bentdal

Interview with Photographer Jo Bentdal
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Any tips in taking great photographs?

In the word of Alex Webb: Shoot what you are drawn to.

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Myanmar/Burma is a country rich in culture and tradition. What was your experience like in shooting this place?

I was there with Steve McCurry, who has been shooting there a lot. He took me to some good locations, and getting "pretty" images was not hard. The people are generally very nice, and not having been exposed to heavy tourism, they are authentic and positive when you approach them with the camera. That said, there are still clearly limitations to what you can do, say or shoot without repercussions.

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What message do you want to convey in your photographs?

The answer to that question is evolving. The most current version is: I hope to be able to make people reflect on the issue that the world is a complex array of different systems, institutions, cultures and individuals. All of which is directly or indirectly linked. All the elements are there for a reason. No single person, system or ideology holds all the answers. What you do with it, and how you define yourself into that matrix is (or should be) a matter of defining your own identity.

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Do you have any new projects that you're working on right now?

Im going back to Rio de Janeiro soon and have some ideas on what to pursue there, but what it turns out to be - I wont know exactly until its done. I am also continuing work on a series about Individual Identity vs. Institutions.

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Any advice for our readers?

Do your thing!

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