See how your photos look printed with these 4×6 glossy photo mockups. Using Smart Objects, you can easily place your image inside any one of these premade templates and everything will be done for you. These mockups are easy and fun so try them out now!

4×6 Photo Mockups

This free download contains three high-res mockups at You’ll need Photoshop CS5.5 or newer to use these mockups. If you’re a SparkleStockmember, you get access to all 12 mockups at a staggering 20 megapixel of resolution each!

Rollover the images below to see the before and after effect.


Free Version

  • 3 Mockups with Smart Objects
  • 1000x667px


Pro Version

  • 12 Mockups with Smart Objects
  • 5472x3648px

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12 responses to “Free Download: 4×6 Photo Mockup PSDs”

  1. clippingpatharea Avatar

    Awesome Post. Lighting is most beautiful. Thanks for the Post.

  2. Maidul Islam Avatar
    Maidul Islam

    wow ,this post is so nice,thanks for sharing!

  3. INCEPTION Avatar

    Print this out and u get a photograph in a photograph in a photograph

    So deep!

    JK this is awesome! Very good way to display photos!

  4. sirvan.ahmadi Avatar

    I love this site ♥ ,this is best

  5. Jake Avatar

    Thanks so much. I can use this on my wall photos. Just to add some style than printing a plane portrait. Thanks! :) it’s just sad that i can only get 3 :(

  6. Glen Avatar

    Seriously; what is the value of these if you already have photo-manipulation software that can create the effect anyway? Or, am I missing the point?

  7. Kyle Avatar

    Just so we’re on the same track I can use this in a magazine advertisement correct?

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Editor

      Yes you can use these mockups in your magazine ad :)

  8. Kyle Avatar

    Can these be used for commercial work? Thanks in advance!

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor Avatar
      Photoshop Tutorials Editor

      Yes feel free to use them in commercial artworks!

  9. Jacq. Avatar

    Is this a joke or something? I don’t see any added value of this.

  10. shyamkumar Avatar

    i love

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