Choosing a Digital Camera

Choosing a Digital Camera
Many digital cameras include the cables and/or cards required to connect it to your computer; others require that you purchase cables separately. Some cameras come with the added plus of image-editing software to enhance photo's appearance and quality. Since digital cameras can use a variety of different interfaces, pay special attention to the requirements of the camera you select. Some use a serial or parallel interface. Some come with a PCMCIA interface for use with a notebook computer. Others use a wireless infrared that requires no cables or cards, or use 3.5-inch floppy disks instead of memory cards. All these aspects are important considerations before purchasing a digital camera. Also to consider are extra features available that either enhance picture-taking ease, or add to the picture-taking experience and viewing pleasure. Digital cameras that come with a LCD viewfinder are very popular. The viewfinder allows you to see exactly what the picture will look like before it is taken. It also allows you to look over other photos taken, and has a delete function to rid the memory card of unwanted photos. The length of a camera's lens determines how much of a particular scene will fit into a picture. A telephoto lens allows for zoom shots of faraway objects, to make them look nearer. Anything shorter than 50mm is considered wide-angle (used for landscapes); anything longer is considered telephoto (for close ups). A self-timer allows the picture taker to get into the photo. It also helps prevent camera shake caused by manually pushing the exposure button. Some of the newer cameras have audio recording capacity, giving the option to record a personal sound bite into the photo. And some cameras include a “video out” function that allows the camera to be hooked up to a television to view the pictures. Now slimmer, lighter, and more versatile than ever, a vase selection of digital cameras are available to consumers. Quality cameras priced anywhere from $250 to $1,000 plus. The purchase of a digital camera can be a very wise investment, indeed. Especially when considering the convenience it offers, and money saved from not having to purchase camera film.

Just the Right Digital Camera, at Just the Right Price!

With the vast assortment of digital cameras available on the market, in a wide range of prices, it isn't surprising many persons are confused and overwhelmed when it comes to purchasing one. Don't be intimidated. Before shopping for a digital camera carefully consider the purpose the camera will be used for, as well as resolution, memory, connection requirements, and how much you are willing to spend. If you aren't already familiar with term such as resolution, memory, compression, etc. the time to familiarize yourself with digital camera jargon is before shopping for one, not during or after. By knowing exactly what you want and setting a price range ahead of time, you avoid the lure of unnecessary features you may never use or spending more than you can afford. If you want a digital mainly for the purpose of taking family photos, a lower-end model might be all you need. Even then, consider resolution capabilities; the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the photo. Consider also memory space; the higher the quality of photo taken, the more memory it consumes. Cameras that convert photos to a JPEG file format on the memory card will enable you can take and store more photos before memory is used up. If you are a beginner, you will want to also consider ease of use when making a digital camera purchase. Opt for a model that will be easy to operate and feels comfortable in your hand, with features such as automated flash. More experienced photographers will most probably desire more picture-taking options and greater user control.

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