How to Create a Magical Christmas Snow Globe in Photoshop

How to Create a Magical Christmas Snow Globe in Photoshop

Step 29

Double click the ornament layer and use the following settings in order to change its color and make it glow.

Step 30

Duplicate the ornament layer seven times by pressing Ctrl + J and place each ornament on a different location on the tree.

Step 31

Group all the ornament layers together. Create a Hue/Saturation Layer and clip it to the group in order to change the hue of the ornaments.

Step 32

Open the file “Tree2”. Select the tree, copy and paste into our scene. Place this tree over the existing tree.

Step 33

Add a layer mask to the tree you just pasted and mask the top until only the presents on the bottom are visible.

Step 34

Create a new layer and place below the tree layer in the layer panel. Paint some shadow with a soft brush at 30% Opacity.

Step 35

Open the file “Girl”. Make a selection of the girl using the Pen Tool. Copy the selection and paste it in our document. Place the girl inside the bubble near the tree.

Step 36

Create a Curves Adjustment Layer and drag the curve up to darken. Clip this layer to the girl layer.

Step 37

Import the “Snow Drops” brush. Create a new layer and paint some snow inside the bubble.

Step 38

Create a new layer and choose the standard round soft brush. Set the Opacity to 10% and paint a semicircle over the bubble to create the illusion of a reflection. Lower the opacity of the layer if the effect is too strong.

Step 39

Import the “Abstract” brush. Create some new layers and create some white light effects. Lower the opacity of the layers if the effect is too strong and after you’re done group them together (Ctrl + G).

Step 40

Import the “Fantasy Light” brush.  Use the Small Glam brush on a new layer to create some sparkles here and there.

Step 41

Choose the brush “Sampled Brush 5” and click once on a new layer with white as foreground color to create the effect shown below. Add a layer mask to create the illusion of a light bracelet.

Step 42

Repeat the previous step a couple of times to create more bracelets.

Step 43

Choose the brush “Sample Brush 4” and lower the opacity to 20%. Create a circle effect around the bubble by using a low opacity and white color.

Step 44

Create a layer and change the blending mode to Overlay. With a white soft brush at 10% opacity paint some brightness over the girl and the tree.

Step 45

Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to create a selection matching the bubble size and fill it with white and place the newly created layer over the bubble. Double click the layer and add a 1 pixel white stroke. Create a layer mask and hide the left and bottom stroke.

Step 46

Create a new layer and paint some thin 1 pixel lines in the areas indicated below to create the illusion of specular highlight on the bubble.

Step 47

Using the same thin brush draw some lines on the upper margin of the hand.

Step 48

Increase the brush size to 10 pixels and create a new layer with the Overlay blending mode. Paint an outline around the hand.

Step 49

Create a new layer and change the blending mode to Linear Dodge. Using a white brush at 10% Opacity paint over the hand to make it look brighter and ethereal.

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    1. Some of the original images don't exist anymore and so we've updated them to use alternative images. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with free images. You can still follow the tutorial using similar images and get the same composition.

  1. This is lovely. It looks like a lot of work, but it's worth it! I might do something like this for next year's Christmas cards. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. At first I thought this was going to be hard to follow, but the resource list was a real big help. Thanks for posting!

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