Step 18

Select the Highlight 1 Group. Press CTRL+T to activate the Free Transform tool. Scale the Highlight 1 group to 80% and set the opacity to 60%.

Step 19

Select Highlight 2 and Highlight 4. Set the opacity to 40%.

Step 20

Now open the Highlight 5 group. Select the layers Highlight 1 to Highlight 4. Set the opacity to 45%.

Step 21

Select the H5 layer move the layer top right in a direction the group is facing. See the image below.
This is the result you should get after completing step 21. Now you have the highlights element complete. We can start now with the Rock text and text effects.

Step 22

Press the T key on your keyboard to activate the Type Tool. Pick the Big John font. Set the size to 230px. Write the word ROCK and place it somewhere in the middle.

Step 23

Select the Rock text. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay. Blend mode should be Soft Light. Opacity 100%. Gradient Black to White. Scale of 100%.
Select the Stroke layer style. Set everything as in the image below.
Set the gradient like this. Location 0 ( 848484 ), location 12 ( d8d7d7 ), location 27 ( 383838 ), location 38 ( d8d7d7 ), location 44 ( ffffff ), location 56 ( 202020 ), location 57 ( ffffff ), location 77 ( 454545 ), location 78 ( ffffff ), location 94 ( 999999 ), location 100 ( 000000 ). Then press ok. Now once again press OK so that the layer styles you set can take action.
Set the Blending Mode of the Rock text to overlay, and you are done.
This is the result you get when you finish step 23.

Step 24

Duplicate the Rock layer and name it Rock 1. Now using the arrows keys on your keyboard, move the Rock 1 layers 7 times to the right and 7 times down. Gradient Overlay stays exactly the same as it was for Rock layer. Stroke section stays exactly the same as in Rock layer. We only have to change the gradient. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. Open the gradient editor.
Set the Gradient to be as in the image below. Then press OK to exit the gradient editor and OK another time to save the changes for the Layer Styles.
Make sure you have the Rock 1 layer selected.Change the blending mode to Soft Light.
This is the result you get after you complete step 24.

Step 25

Select the Rock 1 layer and Duplicate it. Rename the layer Rock 2.Make sure you have the Rock 2 layer selected. Now using the arrow keys on your keyboard, move the Rock 2 layer 11 times to the left and 11 times up. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. Change the Opacity of the Gradient to 50% and press OK.
This is the result you get after completing Step 25.

Step 26

Go to Layer > New > Layer ( or CTRL+Shift+N ). Name it Block Line and place it right on top of Highlight 5 and below Rock.
Now press the M key on your keyboard to activate the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Make a circle that has 270px width and height and set it in the center of the canvas. Set the foreground color to be ( eb7a1f ). Press ALT+Delete to fill the shape with the foreground color.At the end press CTRL+D to deselect the shape.
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Subham Saha

the images are broken all time when I open this page

Photoshop Tutorials Staff

Fixed! Thanks


How to download background image ?


Thank you for the great tutorial. I made the front of my bdaycard :D


Not bad,not bad at all.


verry good tutorial! Well done!


It’s nice!

MengHeang Hout

how to create this text???


Simply follow the tutorial. If you are stuck at some of the steps just let me know which one is it and ill try to help you


You are so lame, read the instructions instead of commenting first.

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