Dazzling Dance Photo Manipulation

Dazzling Dance Photo Manipulation
Dazzling Dance Photo Manipulation

Step 13 – Create a mask for the swirling beam of light

Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard then click on the layer mask of group one.

Select the layer with the beam of light then click on the add layer mask button to add a layer mask. It should apply the selected area as the layer mask.

Make sure that you have the new layer mask selected. Select the brush tool the paint in white over the areas shown in the image below. This will make the beam of light look like it is swirling around the model.

Step 14 – Create a lens flare

Create a new layer as the top layer in Group 2 then fill it with black.

Choose Filter > Render > Lens Flare. Set the brightness to 100% and choose movie prime as the lens type. Adjust the flare center to get a flare that you like then click OK.

Choose Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation then apply the settings as shown below. If you are using Photoshop CS3 or older, enable the colorize option first then adjust the hue and saturation settings.

Step 14 – Duplicate and position the lens flare

First, change the blend mode of the lens flare layer to screen.

Select the move tool then reposition the lens flare to models right top hand.

While holding down the Alt key on your keyboard, drag the lens flare to the models left hand. This will create a duplicate of the lens flare.

Step 15 – Mask the lens flare

We want to make the second lens flare appear as behind the models hand. To do this, we’ll mask it out using a layer mask. Click on the add layer mask button to add a layer mask.

Select the eraser tool then use a large brush with 0% hardness.

Erase over the hand and arm so that the lens flare looks like it is behind the hand.

Here’s the before and after results.

Step 16 – Merge the lens flare layers

Because we will not need to reposition the lens flare anymore, we can merge them together. If you simply merge the two layers right now, the layer mask will be lost. To preserve the layer mask, move the layer without the layer mask up so that it is on the top. Then, choose Layer > Merge Down or Ctrl+E.

A dialog will appear asking if you want to apply or preserve the layer mask. Select preserve.

Now the two layers are merged and the layer mask is still there.

Step 17 – Import the image of the shattered glass

Choose File > Place, browse for the image of the shattered glass, then click OK. Press enter on your keyboard to exit out of the transform tool.

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  1. I am having trouble in the step7. I am following your instructions but my photo remains back of the cloud.
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  2. Excellent tutorial. I love your imagination and creativity. The use of the Gun Shot was an outstanding touch!!

  3. quisiera que mi hicieras el favor de darme un link para descargar ese programa....

  4. it's a really great image i love it n the tutorial is even better, thx alot i really needed to know how to work something like this, keep it up

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