Draw an Airport Mechanical Text Display From Scratch

Draw an Airport Mechanical Text Display From Scratch

Step 24

Add Bevel & Emboss, Inner Shadow, and Gradient Overlay with following settings.

Step 25

Apply same highlight as the first upper part.

Step 25

Hit Ctrl + J to duplicate the text we have made earlier.

Step 26

Change its layer style to Gradient Overlay and Drop Shadow with following settings.

Step 27

Ctr-click the lower shape to make new selection based on its shape. Add layer mask to the text. From now on, only part of the text that is located on the lowe shape is seen.

Step 28

Add new layer and then paint subtle shadow on upper part of the text using low Opacity Brush tool.

Step 29

Convert the shadow layer into a Clipping Mask.

Step 30: Text Display Base

Draw almost black (#060606) rounded rectangle shape behind the text display. This will be the hole where the character panel is located.

Step 31

Double click the layer to add Bevel & Emboss with following settings.
The result, so far.

Step 32

Ctrl-click the layer shape we have just made to make new selection based on its shape. Make new layer and then fill it with white.

Step 33

Paint some areas with white.

Step 34

Change its layer blend mode to Overlay.

Step 35

Ctrl-Click the layer we have made. Make new layer. Click Edit > Stroke, set it width to 2 px with white for its color.

Step 36

Click Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to soften the stroke line.

Step 37

Reduce its layer Opacity to 10%. This white soft line will become highlight on outer edge of the text display.

Step 38

Add another line stroke similar to what we've done in Step 35. But this time use black for its color. This will be shadow on outer edge of the hole.

Step 39

We also want to add stronger highlight right on the edge. Ctrl-click the shape to make another new selection based on its shape. Click Edit > Stroke with width 1 px and white color.

Step 40

Add layer mask and fill it with black. Activate soft Brush tool. Set foreground color to white and then paint some areas to reveal the strong highlight on the edge.

Step 41

Duplicate basic layer shape of the lower part of the text display. Activate Move tool and then hit Shift + Down arrow to move it down 10 pixels.

Step 42

Double click the layer shape and add Gradient Overlay.

Step 43

Place the layer shape beneath the main text display area.

Step 44

Ctrl-click the main lower part of the text display. Make new layer above the layer shape we have just created. Fill selection with black.

Step 45

Move the layer down 2 pixels.

Step 46

Apply Gaussian Blur to soften it and make it appears as a natural shadow.

Step 47

Make sure the shadow goes inside the layer shape by converting it to Clipping Mask.

Step 48

Select both shape layer --that we have duplicated earlier-- and the shadow that stay on top of it.

Step 49

Hit Ctrl + J to duplicate them both.

Step 50

Place the layer shape and shadow we have duplicated in earlier step behind the original one. At this moment, we should have two text bases behind the text that is currently displayed.

Step 51

Again, duplicate the layer shape and its shadow. Keep repeating these steps until we have enough text base at the back of the displayed text.

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