Draw an Airport Mechanical Text Display From Scratch

Draw an Airport Mechanical Text Display From Scratch

Step 71

Using earlier selection, apply Stroke command. Set its color to white with width 2 px.

Step 72

Soften it using Gaussian Blur. Add layer mask and then fill it with black. Paint some of the stroke line segment with white to reveal it back.

Step 73

Below, you can see the difference after before and after adding custom highlight.

Step 74: Fixing Text

Currently, both texts come from the same Smart Object. This means that if we edit of the text, the other will automatically updated too. Try this by double clicking one of the text to edit its content.

Step 75

You might find this dialog box, informing you to save to the same location. If you do find it, just click OK.

Step 76

The text will be opened in a separate file. Change the text and then hit Ctrl + S to save it. If the text doesn't fit the canvas, click Image > Reveal All to resize the canvas automatically.

Step 77

As you can see in the screenshot, the text in both display is updated. Of course, we want each text to be unique.

Step 78

Open up the First Digit group layer. Select its text layer and then duplicate it (Ctrl + J).

Step 79

Place it on top of the layer and click its eye icon to make it invisible. From now on, if we want to edit the text, all we have to do is just double click this text layer without going through inside the group layer.

Step 80

Open up the group layer in Second Digit and search for its text Smart Object. Right click and then select New Smart Object via Copy. Photoshop will create new duplicated Smart Object but not related to the original one. Replace the original text Smart Object with the new one.

Step 81

We are now going to test the new Smart Object. Double clik the text we have just duplicated.

Step 82

The text Smart Object is opened in new file window. Edit its text. Save and close the file.

Step 83

As you can see here, the changes we made in this new Smart Object is independent from the first one.

Step 84

Duplicate the Smart Object we have just made using shortcut Ctrl + J. Replace text on lower part of the display with this newly duplicated text.

Step 85

Duplicate the second text layer and then put it on top of the layer stack. Click its eye icon to make it invisible.

Step 84

Let's do another test on the text. Double click the first text to edit its content.

Step 85

Change the text.

Step 86

Save and close the file.

Download the PSD

Final Results


Tutorial by Mohammad Jeprie

Mohammad Jeprie is a blogger, author, and graphic designer from Indonesia. He's not an artist, but he knows a few Photoshop techniques and loves to share it with everyone. He runs his own design blog, DesainDigital, where he shares tutorials and inspirations for other designers. Photoshoptutorialsws author page

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