Let’s make the brush even larger and blot a sun in the top left of the image where we had previously decided would be the direction of the light source.


Now let’s draw in rays from the sun. I personally love this technique and have used it for quite a few of my images. It’s a really good touch to any image where the sun is out. In the two color palettes to on the left of the workspace, choose white for one and gray for another. Then go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds and we should get something like this.


Then, go to Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur. Set the Amount to its 100 maximum and the Blur Method to Zoom. Then adjust the direction of the blur so that it’s epicentre comes from the location of the sun that we dotted and press OK.


And we get a motion like this.


Now set the layer blending to Overlay and all of the black in the image will disappear, leaving us with rays of sunlight!


Last Step!

Although the image could be considered finished right now, let’s add in some starfish on the shore for some more color and detail. Again, let’s go online and find a random image of a starfish. Import, duplicate, resize, and voila! We have a beach of starfish!


Now I’ll add in my watermark because I spent way too long on this image to have it stolen and passed off as someone else’s (I suggest everyone do the same to their own images) and…what? What?! We’re finally DONE!!!

finished piece

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