How to Break an Egg in Photoshop

How to Break an Egg in Photoshop

How to Break an Egg in Photoshop

Erase it a bit


And blur it with a Gaussian blur filter with pretty small radius.


I’ve changed the layer opacity to 50%. With the same technique you can add small round shines. Except long lines just place some dots and maybe use smaller radius in blur filter. As you can see I’ve made the opacity of shine even smaller. I’ve came up with something like this:


Step 24

We have to connect our egg with a background. For this we will use some dark reflects in bottom part of egg. Pick hard, round brush, set the color to #e19103 and paint on egg as below:


It is useful to use clipping mask here. Now use eraser tool and soften the edges a bit with soft brush ending.


At last, go to Filter > Blur >> Gaussian blur and apply these settings:


When you are using filter try to focus on effect rather than on radius. After that change layer’s opacity to 40% and blending mode to Lighten.


Step 25

Here we go with a strongest shadow. Select the egg’s base layer ([ctrl] + [click] on thumbnail) and move this selection a bit upward. For this step also you should use clipping mask for it will be a lot easier. Then fill selection (remember- everything on new layer) with black or at least very dark color. While you have some marque tool active- hit few times [up arrow] so you will again move the selection:


Then press [delete] button on your keyboard to delete everything within selection. Deselect then and erase parts of this layer on the very left and right.


Go to Gaussian blur filter


And finally change the layer’s blending mode to multiply, opacity to 60% and move it a little bit downward. I think we are done with egg. You can now play with layer’s opacity to fix your tones if you are not happy with the effect.


Step 26

Now we will make some shadow underneath the egg so it will looks like floating in the air. We could just use elliptical marquee tool, but we will make it in a bit harder way. But this technique will be for sure useful for you in the future, so I will go thru this.

[Ctrl] + [click] on the egg’s layer so you will have a selection (just a little reminder- new layer). Now choose Select > Transform selection from the main menu. As you can see now you can freely transform your selection. You have automatically active Scale transformation. Now just resize your selection to something like this:

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I managed to do something really nice by modifying it a bit :)
    I need more ! :D

  2. Nice work. I did find the initial coloring and clipping mask steps could have used some screen shots of the layers palette. I find this makes it a little easier to follow along.
    Otherwise, very cool effect.

  3. thank you so much! it is people like you who make it possible for the rest of us to learn and grow! I can't thank you enough!

  4. Loved the tutorial! I'm an ass.. I read it all!! :D
    This tut taught me a lot of things at the same time it also made me recall the tricks I used to use but forgot with the time passing..Kudos. \m/
    Sir Masiej Kwas.. Respect to you...

    Also, I was looking for some kinda tut which could teach me the way to turn a red apple into a golden one, or can say an apple covered with shiny golden foil.. If you can gimme a link of such a tut, if it's already on internet, or post a tut on that, that would be really cool and generous of you guys..

    Appreciate the hard work done by people behind this website.. :)

  5. Wow! This is by far the most amazing photoshop tutorial I have seen. I realy mean it. Looking forward to trying it out sometimes. - Respect!

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