Create an Amazing Broken Egg and Yolk Drawing in Photoshop

Create an Amazing Broken Egg and Yolk Drawing in Photoshop
But this time, change the layer’s blending mode to Color burn and opacity to about 75%. You should get this:

Step 7

It is good practice to organize your layers into a folders. To do this, select all the layers you wish to group (Click on a first layer in Layers window, then hold [Shift.jpg"> and click on last).
Now just hit [Ctrl.jpg"> + [G.jpg"> and your layers will jump into a folder. Now drag your newly created group onto the New Layer icon so you will duplicate your group.
Now hit [Ctrl.jpg"> + [E.jpg"> and your group will change itself into one flat layer (it is named merging). Hide the first group- it just for mistake purpose to have some copy. Then duplicate our new egg layer. For now you can also hide it. You can aslo name them as follow.

Step 8

Before we will start to do anything we have to make some little planning. Pick up Ellipse tool and make shape that will simulate for now our yolk. Don’t bother yourself about the color. Also you don’t have to be very precise. Just make a shape and then make it fit to the egg. This will also in some way indicates a perspective.

Step 9

Now we will try to make some detachment. Treat our shape as a yolk and watch for its border. Select the eggshell layer, pick Polygonal marquee tool and make a selection like one below:

Step 10

As we have a selection, go to Select > Transform selection.
Now you can transform a selection like a normal layer. What I mean- you can freely use transformation methods on the selection.
Why we are here? Our selection is pretty simple. Also is square-alike. We will try to make it more interesting and form it into a shape of ellipse. Go to Edit > Transform >> Warp and try to shape a surface as I did. The beginning of the arrow indicates my handling point. Then follow your movement with an arrow direction. Sometimes I am dragging whole surface (click in the middle of square), sometimes just single points. You will see what I am doing. Just follow my steps:
And our selection looks like this one. Look on the flow of selection that is highlighted with an orange line.

Step 11

Actually it is pretty bad behavior, but we can just press [Delete.jpg"> and we will get rid of unneeded part of eggshell. In most cases you should use mask. I am sure of my steps so I am not doing so. With a deletion it is easier to modify a layer.

Step 12

Now make visible our layer named inner eggshell (which is a second copy of egg’s layer) and go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Then change the value of Brightness to -9. Our layers are imposed and we want to see some difference between them. As you can see we have to move our primary yolk a bit down.
Now select the inner eggshell layer again. What we are going to do is exactly the same process as we did with first egg layer. Pick Polygonal Marquee tool and make a selection that will looks like broken eggshell.
Finish the selection and hit [Delete.jpg">. Here we will not work on a selection with transform modifications. We have something like this, but I hope you have already noticed that our shadows are on wrong side. Of course we could just flip this layer at the beginning, but I wanted to work with you a bit more with transformations.

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