How to Create a High-Tech Cyborg Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How to Create a High-Tech Cyborg Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

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Step 1

Open file "Face" and crop the left part of the face. First let's remove the highlights from the pupil. Add a new layer or duplicate the existing one and using the Clone Stamp tool remove the highlights. Next duplicate the existing layer again and remove the eyelashes by using the Clone Stamp tool. If you make any mistakes or if the cloned areas look fake use the Patch Tool. This is the reason I use duplicate layers. TIP (When using Clone Stamp or other tools it is better for the sake of simplicity and the matter of file size to not use duplicates of the background. However, some tools – like the Patch tool – require this step. Be aware if you used the Clone Stamp tool on a new layer and than you are using the Patch tool you might get weird/non results because you are working only with little pixel information. Also if you want to use self-blending – blending a file with itself – don't use duplicates of the background, rather add a Curves adjustment layer or a Hue/Saturation layer and change it's blend mode. The results will be the same as if you blended the original background, however the file size will increase very little – which is desirable, especially if you are working with files on the internet or if storage is an issue.)

Step 2

Time to deal with the face. Select the Healing Brush tool and start working on the areas shown below. Look in the options of the brush tool and make sure Sample is Current&Below. You can also change the brush opacity mode to Lighten if you work in darker areas of the face. Make a selection like shown below than use the Clone stamp tool to fill this area with adjacent samples of skin. Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E to make a new layer from all visible than use the Patch tool to refine our new skin area (the area over the eyebrow) and around the eye. TIP (Patch Tool is your friend when doing facial retouching. If after you use the Clone Stamp tool or the Healing Tool an area looks fake and has repeating patterns use the Patch Tool to blend it seamlessly with the surrounding skin. I cannot emphasize enough how important this tool is in facial retouching . When it looks fake use the Patch Tool)

Step 3

With the new skin selection still active (the skin that replaced the eyebrow) make a new layer and fill the selection with whatever color. Then apply a Drop Shadow effect. Add a layer mask and mask away the unnecessary shadows. Make a new layer and using the Healing Brush tool with Lighten blending mode heal the lower portion of the face. Notice however that because of the healing process the dark shadow from the nose is gone in the process leaving us with a fake face. To correct this add a layer mask to the Healing layer and using a 30% black soft brush mask away some of the healed skin. This step will partially hide our Healing Layer thus revealing some of the shadow underneath. Don't overdo, a hint of shadow is enough for our imagination to do the rest. Make yet another layer and heal the rest of the face. Don't trouble yourself with healing the outer part of the face because we will be cutting it off.

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  1. you can always be creative in making robotic effect to an object. This Adrian's is an example, simple effect for beginner to try. I like IA, so I made some androids from my fave actors. Hi5, Adrian! :)

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