Create a Halloween Artwork in Photoshop

Create a Halloween Artwork in Photoshop
Now let’s add in some stars. Set the color swatch to white, choose several small brushes of slightly varying size, and manually dot stars throughout the sky.
Remember how we set used the “Outer Glow” layer effect to give the moon a glowing halo? Use the same techniques to make the stars glow.
We are almost done! Let’s add in a field of grass that our subject will be sitting in. Go into the choices of brushes and chose the “Dune Grass” brush. This should be a Photoshop CS3 preset.
Go to the two choices of color swatches. Set one to a medium green and one to a very dark green. Now drag the grass brush horizontally across the page several times, starting at the level where the grass just covers our subject’s feet up until the bottom of the image. Make sure that the brush used for the layer in front is somewhat larger than the layer in the back to give a sense of depth, in that things that are further from the foreground will appear smaller than things closer to the foreground.
Repeat the same procedure for the grass further behind our subject and her pumpkin. Make sure that the grass closest to the hills in the distance looks very distant, therefore the blades being very small. With a semi-transparent brush, draw in several soft horizontal lines of white for some ominous-looking mist.
LAST STEP!!! Take some small to medium size brushes and let’s dot in some fireflies hovering above the grass in the same scattered fashion as we dotted the stars. Choose a slightly yellowish color for the fireflies, as they are warmer-colored balls of light compared to the cold stars in the distance.
And we are…okay so I lied, we’re one more stop from being done. Let’s throw in a bit of text (also with an “Outer Glow”) wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween, as well as a watermark in the top right corner so no one tries to steal our hard work and…NOW we are done! Congrats!!!

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