How to Draw a Koi Fish in Photoshop

How to Draw a Koi Fish in Photoshop
How to Draw a Koi Fish in Photoshop

Step 65

Create a New layer and add a white dot on top of the eye. (soft round brush)


Step 66

Now we will add the whiskers. Grab your pen tool and make a line like the image below. Once I did this I right clicked my whiskers and then Stroke Path. Note: Make sure your paint brush is set to 4px hard round brush.


Step 67

Apply these settings to each of the whiskers.


Step 68

Almost Done!


Step 69

Now we will add in our flowers that we made in the beginning of this tutorial. Just drag and drop it over. Note: It is a good idea to place the whole flower in a group so that it easy to transport over.


Step 70

Place the second flower underneath the fish and change the Group layer to Screen with an Opacity of 71%


Step 71

Lastly, grab a swirl brush and place it underneath the fish #FFFFFF with the layer Opacity of 53%


Final Results


Authors Comment

profile[4]I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did.

- Ashlee Harrell

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