Painting “The Imaginary House” in Adobe Photoshop

Painting “The Imaginary House” in Adobe Photoshop

Step 11

Here now we can began to open new layers for each main objects in the canvas. Here is a new layer for the house. And also I have closed the other layer. As you see it was just a try for to see the main idea and the main colors. Here we did see the image as a whole in this step. On the next steps I'm going to create some more layers. The reason for painting on such new layers because of you need to make corrections later in the painting. It is much easier to fix errors if the main elements of your painting are separate entities. This step is really really very important.

Step 12

Firstly make a selection the upper window then copy and paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V), save the top and merge down the layers (Ctrl+E). Here now we have two window and one layer for both of them , I continue work with the windows .

Step 13

When I am looking for a color, I process like this. After deciding on the best colors I could get, I started adding more details.

Step 14

Now I open a new layer for the tree and adding details and I used Color Balance (Ctrl+B) play with the color levels in Shadows, Midtones and Highlights for this layer. Also I add some editing of the parts by Clone Stamp (S) to remove unwanted areas.

Step 15

Here, I re-open the main colors we can see now how the house and the tree looks with this background. I also using Dodge tool and Burn tool for the tree. I'm adding some more colors. Here take a look at the tree painting. The shadowy parts began to look clear at this step.

Step 16

Using little brush size add more details. Before you begin painting, you'll need to set your brush settings. Here take a look at how I draw the roof details of the house. And I used the Smudge tool a lot. The Smudge tool gives you a lot of control over the shapes, mixing or smoothing shadows.

Step 17

I just used Photoshop's basic brushes, changing their size.. Chose a simple standard brush. And from Brush panel choose "Shape Dynamics" and make the setting as seen on the below picture. Then try your brush. If you don't like the conclusion of the brush settings you can always change the settings. You can change the settings as you feel comfortable with.

Step 18

Also I am going to use the smudge tool for certain areas on the illustration. So after selected smudge tool change the brush setting too like I did. Shortcut for the Brushes is F5.

Step 19

OK, now I focused on painting other trees and the environment and the clouds. I work with distant hills too .Now the little hills start to take shape. So, you can see how the full image looks in this step: I temporarily open the sketch layer too.

Step 20

And also I do want to show you how I added those shiny areas on my illustration. I haven't used Color Dodge this effect. I just use some different colors for this effect. Well, If this tutorial has taught you a single new thing you didn't know prior to reading it, I will feel fulfilled to have inspired the slightest glimpse in all you promising artists out there. What you must always remember is to try a variety of gadgets, tricks, tips and don't be afraid too be spontaneous.

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  1. Wow!!! you are amazing, I am initiating scarcely in this process of the drawing and the painting in photoshop and have found in this tutorial the first step to paint ' My Imaginary House ' as well as all the ideas that I have in my imagination thanks to you ... I am grateful for it to you.

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