Painting “The Imaginary House” in Adobe Photoshop

Painting “The Imaginary House” in Adobe Photoshop

Step 33

Now make the Opacity setting 71% . Now we need to merge the two layer. To merge all layers, press Shift+Ctrl+E (Win) / Shift+Command+E (Mac). This will flatten the image onto a single layer.

Final Results

Here now I have decided to finish the illustration otherwise I'll be working on this image forever. I hope you don't think that by reading this tutorial it will be the same as by actually doing it. And this is the final product of the "The imaginary House". I wish I could spend more time on it. I hope this tutorial will be useful to some of you. Of course there are many other ways to get a similar result. Well, if you use this tutorial, it would be very nice to write comments :)

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3 comments on “Painting “The Imaginary House” in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Wow!!! you are amazing, I am initiating scarcely in this process of the drawing and the painting in photoshop and have found in this tutorial the first step to paint ' My Imaginary House ' as well as all the ideas that I have in my imagination thanks to you ... I am grateful for it to you.

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