How to Create a Surreal Underwater Scene with Adobe Photoshop

Make a Color Fill layer and pick the color #121031. Change this layer mode to Exclusion 100%.

Step 39

Add a Color Balance adjustment layer and alter the Midtones and Highlights settings. On this layer mask, use a soft black brush with the opacity about 40% to reduce the effect on both edges of the underwater part.
Create a Photo Filter adjustment layer and pick the color #ec8a00.
Make another Photo Filter adjustment layer and pick the color #fcdd63.

Step 40

Create a Curves adjustment layer to bring more light to the middle of the canvas. On this layer mask, paint on the rest to keep its contrast.
Add another Curves adjustment layer to increase the shadow and contrast on both sides of the canvas. The selected area shows where to paint on the layer mask.
Make a Vibrance adjustment layer to enhance the final effect.

Final Result

Download the PSD


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