King Lion Photoshop Tutorial

King Lion Photoshop Tutorial

King Lion Photoshop Tutorial
  • Reds: +19
  • Oranges: +7
  • Greens: -4
  • Blues: +2


  • Reds: +7
  • Greens: -2
  • Blues: -1

Radial Filter

  • Exposure: +0.15
  • Highlights: +7
  • Shadows: +7
  • Blacks: +5

And finally, everything should look like this.

Final Results

Download the PSD

King Lion Photoshop

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One comment on “King Lion Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Suggestion.... Use "Place Embedded" because your PSD will have issues if you "Place Linked" and you delete the JPG file.

    Also, why do you rasterize the layers? It is better to keep as smart layer.

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