Add Inner Glow.

Step 27

To keep the torn photo from appearing flat as a cartoon character, add Gradient Overlay. Select Black to Whitegradient from the list of available gradients.

Select Black to White gradient.

Step 28

Finally, Drop Shadowis a must. Use the settings seen below. We’re done with the Layer Style, click OKbutton to apply them.

Drop shadow settings.

Step 29

Each piece of the torn photo will be made up of several layers. To keep each piece organized, the best idea is to keep it in a group folder. Hit Ctrl + Gto put the active layer into a group folder. Make sure to give the group layer appropriate name too, as simple as 1for first piece, 2for second piece, and so on.

Rename it.

Step 30

We are going to use the same layer style for all pieces of torn photo. We can simply copy the layer style and paste it onto the designated layer. Right click the layer in Layers Paneland select Copy Layer Style.

Copy its layer style settings.

Step 31

The next step is making the second piece. Select the second shape, hit Ctrl + J to duplicate it to new layer.

Duplicate the shape to new layer.

Step 32

Place it in a separated group layer and give appropriate name.

Give the layer appropriate name.

Step 33

Right click the layer and select Paste Layer Styleto apply layer stye setting we put earlier to the first piece.

Paste copied layer style setting.

Step 34

Continue this process until we have all the pieces in individual group layer.

Place all shapes in individual group layer.

Step 35

Let’s insert the guide file. Click File >Place Linked.

Insert the file guide as a Linked Smart Object.

Step 36

A dialog box will pop up asking us to choose a file. Select the file guide we made earlier. Place it on top of the torn photo. Its size should matched the size of the torn photo.

Select the guide file as smart object.

Step 37

Duplicate the 6R Photo layer into each group layer by Alt+ dragging it.

Duplicate the smart object to the first piece.

Step 38

As usual, give the duplicated layer a decent and recognizable name, something like photo – 1. That should allow us to know which is which. This duplicated layer should be placed right above the shape of the photo piece.

Rename the layer.

Step 39

Turn the photo into Clipping Maskby hitting Ctrl + Alt + G. This way, the guide file will be clipped by the shape of the photo piece underneath it.

Turn layer into Clipping Mask.

Step 40

Again, duplicate the guide file into the second piece. Rename its layer to photo – 2for clearer identification. And as in the first case, convert it into Clipping Maskby clicking the Ctrl + Alt + G.

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