Something’s wrong. Let’s fix that.

Step 66

To fix this, add a new layer underneath the second piece or on top of the third piece. In the layer, draw shadow separating both pieces.
Paint shadow separating both pieces.

Step 67

To fix the paper color that coming through behind the photo, we just need to simply reapply transformation process. Select the photo, hit Ctrl + T, use Warp if needed, and modify it until the color is covered.
Readjust the photo transformation.

Step 68

Let’s take a look at the result. Our current result is using solid color as its background.
Using simple solid color as background.

Step 69

We can also add background by adding texture behind the torn photo.
Texture added ehing the photo.

Final Results

As seen from the tutorial above, there are many ways to modify the final result. You can change the content of the torn photo, its photo paper color, and the background. The result below is using a portrait photo and I think it suits better because the photo subject is more recognizable.
Portrait photo fits better in this mockup.

Download the PSD

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