Dramatic Wrinkles

Dramatic Wrinkles

Dramatic Wrinkles

Step 7: Add a layer mask

We're almost done. The dramatic skin effect was added to the entire image and now we need to mask out the areas that are not the skin.

To start, click on the Add Layer Mask button in the Layers palette.

You should now have a layer mask for the layer.

Step 8: Mask the layer

Select the Eraser tool from the Tools palette.

Right mouse click on the image and the brush settings should appear. Use a large brush and set the Hardness to 0%.

Now begin to erase the areas around the skin.

Final Results

Here's the final outcome of this photo effect. The skin now looks very dramatic like many sad photos of old or homeless people.Now that you know how to create this photo effect, try to use it sparingly. Many photographers become addicted to this effect and it becomes overused in their portfolios.

Before and after

Because we only applied the effect to the skin, you'll need to editing the surrounding as well to match the skin. In the image below, I darkened the surrounding, reduced the saturation of the blue hat, and added a strong vignette.

Dramatic Wrinkles Photoshop Tutorial

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22 comments on “Dramatic Wrinkles”

  1. Good Tutorial if a little dull. Try using people other then White People. I used it on a picture of an old Chinese man it it was Awesome,.

  2. I thought it was a good tutorial. If you do it with a serious looking picture of Morgan Freeman it is like badass.

  3. this is a beautful peice of work. I love the way the wrinkles grew and became more unique. i need this you see for my photos as i am catfishing at the moment, pretending to be a 60 year old woman. so many thanks Ariane Wilson.

  4. This was a good tutorial, but to make it look more natural, I increased the hardness of my eraser to about 20-30% and erased the entire picture. But it was an overall good tutorial.

  5. good thought! but the effect would be too strong, u should adjust some setting to make it looks nature

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