Blissful Landscape Photo Manipulation

Blissful Landscape Photo Manipulation
In the gradient fill settings, edit the gradient setting to the settings shown below:
Apply the following settings:
  • Style: Diamond
  • Angle: 45º
  • Scale: 130%
Click and drag the gradient in the document window and position it where the sun would be.

Step 10 – Add a warm photo effect

In this step, we’ll give the image a warm tint and increase the contrast. Like in the previous step, ensure that you have the top layer selected so that when you add another adjustment layer, it’ll appear as the top layer. Choose Filter > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter. Use the settings as shown below:
Change the blending mode of the photo filter adjustment layer to soft light.
Here’s what the image looks like after adding the photo filter adjustment layer.

Step 11 – Add a dramatic soft glow effect (optional)

Some people may prefer making the image more dramatic with a soft glow effect. This step will show you how to add a simple soft glow effect without losing details in the shadow. It contains a step that will teach you how to use the blend if option that you may find useful if you do a lot of photo retouching.
Change the blending mode to soft light. Immediately, you will see that the contrast has been increased even further to a point where the effect is too harsh.
To soften the effect and give it a glowing effect, we’ll blur the layer using the Gaussian Blur filter.
The final image looks soft and dreamy now but because of the high contrast effect of this photo effect, some of the details in the shadows are now just a black blob. To fix this, we’ll change the blending of the layer so that the layer doesn’t affect those dark areas. Right click on the current layer then select Blending Options.
At the bottom of the blending options window, you’ll find the blend if options. Hold the alt key and drag the right half of the black input slider towards the right until the shadows in the image is restored.
If your slider isn’t moving like the animation above, ensure that you are clicking exactly on the right half of the input slider with the alt key held down.

Final Results

Rollover the images below to see the before and after effect.

Up to step 11

Blissful Landscape

Step 12 applied

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