Comic Book Effect

Comic Book Effect
You can also do a black stroke around it! Here an example of the output.

Step 11

I also give the car a little bit more speed by draw a line. Take the brush tool, color white, and draw a line or some lines. Go to blending options and give it a black stroke, 2 or 3px depending on your project scale. For depth do the Alt trick i explained while doing the asphalt debris and text VRRROEEMM.

Step 12

I putted in another (half) car, to give a bit more action. (copy, paste from another photograph)
Make sure you tick the transform box. Scale the car to -100.
Then place the car next to the big traffic sign. Give the car also the filter effects Poster edges and then the effect Cutout, to create the cartoonish look.

Step 13

I used a fire picture i took from our fireplace to use it in this project. (copy, paste from another photograph)
I cut it out then applyed the Cutout effect. (Filter > Artistic > Cutout)
Take this layer and put it over the traffic sign. Then use the Eraser tool(E) to delete part that not belong there. Use Shift in combination with the Eraser tool to erase straight parts!
Next, create with the Pen tool (P) an exploding flash. Draw straight lines in combination with Shift.
Right click on the pen tool path then choose “make selection”. Fill it with white, use the paint bucket tool (G).
Give the exploding flash these blending settings to make it more alive. Also give it a stroke, black, around 4-5px.

Step 14

Now we are going to create some smoke. Make a new layer then select an area around the exploding car. Choose Filter > Render > Clouds. Put this layer under the exploding flash layer.
Apply the Cutout effect to this layer.
Gently erase needless parts of this smoke layer. To create depth, erase all the smoke that is in front of the traffic sign.

Step 14

Another car, a police car! I added another car. To get more action! To make it a police car, draw the siren light on top of the roof. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and select an orb type of selection. Fill this with a blue using the Paint bucket tool (G).
Also do this with the red light. I added a little small white line to both of the lights, to create a reflection. Then make some lines with the Brush tool (B), and Blur(R) or Smudge(R) this out to create a light effect.
Here you see the effect with Smudge(R) :
Give the car also the filter effects Poster edges and then the effect Cutout, to create the cartoonish look. I gave the police car a darker black look to make it more cartoon realistic. Here you see the final effect :
Now add some loud siren text effects, like we did before. Make a new text layer. Type 'TETUU'or similar and rasterize this layer. (Layer > Rasterize > Type). Hold Alt and push Left several times, to create the 3D effect. Merge these layers together. Also give this text a gradient layer we used before in the blending options.
Then you can add some shouting background. Use the Pen tool (P) to create the path. Hold Shift to create straight lines. Then make a selection out of it and give it a gradient look we used before.

Step 16

Now we are going to change the traffic direction signs. Select the Original layer and select out the traffic direction sign. Then make your own text. I did this:

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  1. I'm a bit of a novice so some of this stuff goes over my head, eg. using the pen tool to select the right level of pavement, erasing the correct parts of the mountain, distorting it correctly, would like to see more detail. Nice job though, really helpful tutorial.

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