Comic Book Effect

Comic Book Effect
Create an exciting comic out of photos and filter effects. This tutorial will teach you how turn a normal highway photo into an intense action scene.

Comic Book Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Open an image of a city like this one. The original photograph is a photo taken on the highway of Austria during a vacation.

Step 2

Duplicate the background layer then rename this layer to “Original”. Use the Magic Wand tool to create a selection of the blue sky then press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selected area into a new layer. Name this new layer “Sky”.

Step 3

Now select the Original layer and put an effect over it called Poster Edges. Take over the number or play with it to try you own style.

Step 4

Then select the Original layer then choose Filter > Poster edges > 10,10,6. Don't mind the blue sky area in this layer, we have a clean blue sky in the Sky layer.
See? The Sky layer is above the Original layer so the Original layer has the filter effect.

Step 5

I want to break up the highway so i need some rocky land with a lot of big stones. I used a photograph from the high mountains in Norway. I took this photo while i was hiking the famous Preikestølen. I took the half of the photograph and copied it to the other side, like a mirror reflection.
I pasted this on a new layer then distorted it (Edit > Transform > Distort) it a little to fit correctly in the perspective of the photograph.
The erase all the unnecessary parts of the rocks. Use the Eraser tool (E).

Step 6

Choose Filter > Artistic > Cutout. I used these settings, but feel free to use your own.
I also did a little color correction with the Color Balance tool (Image > Adjustments > Color Balance).11

Step 7

Select the Original layer then use the Pen tool (P) to trace some pavement of the highway. Right mouse on your Pen tool path choose 'Make Selection'.
Cut the selection out and paste it on it's own layer. Then transform the piece (Edit >Transform > Distort/Perspective) to your own idea. Turn it, Scale it.. then when you are satisfied select the layer of this piece, hold Alt and push arrow Up. Do this maybe a dozen times, till you get a great piece of broken asphalt. When you are satisfied, select all the asphalt layers and merge them together. See example:

Step 8

Take your Brush tool (B) and draw edges on the piece of asphalt. Use Shift to make straight lines from point to point! Take a dark color, like black or dark grey.
I repeated those steps several times with big and smaller pieces. Play around with it! Make your own creation! And this is the end result of the debris:

Step 9

I cut out a car from another photograph then pasted this into the project. Give the car the same filter effects (Filter > Artistic > Poster edges) then use the Cutout filter (Filter > Artistic > Cutout) to create a cartoonish look. Play with these settings to your liking. You can find more filters under the Filter > Artistic menu.
Choose Edit > Transform > Distort then manipulate the car so that it fits on the highway lane with the correct perspective.
Don’t forget to use the Warp tool (Edit > Transform > Warp) if needed.19

Step 10

Add a text layer into the project and put in "VRRRROEMM". Choose Layer > Rasterize > Type then use the Transform tool (Ctrl+T or Edit > Transform) to distort the text to your liking. Go to blending options then choose gradient. (Right click on layer then choose blending options).

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  1. I'm a bit of a novice so some of this stuff goes over my head, eg. using the pen tool to select the right level of pavement, erasing the correct parts of the mountain, distorting it correctly, would like to see more detail. Nice job though, really helpful tutorial.

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