Create Advertisements with Posable Figurines using Photoshop and iClone4

Create Advertisements with Posable Figurines using Photoshop and iClone4
Create Advertisements with Posable Figurines using Photoshop and iClone4

Save the Ad image as “Background.jpg”. Now you have your background image ready.


Step 3 - Pose your 3D Figurine in iClone4

Here we introduce an easy-to-use 3D animation tool known as iClone. No need to have any previous knowledge in animation or modeling as iClone is a 3D environment application that allows you to easily drag and drop ready-made 3D props to later animate and adjust camera perspectives. You can create videos and images for further repurposing in Photoshop. Just open iClone and make sure you have installed the Mr. Pose & Friends add-on content pack I found below.


Step 4 - Set up an iClone Environment

Open iClone and select the Export tab on top, then go to the Image Tab on the Menu Bar just below. After that, go to the Modify panel on the right of the application and choose the Output Size. Set the size to 800 x 600 (Custom Size).


Now we select the Stage tab and then 2D Background on the Menu Bar. We go again to the Modify panel on the right side and check the “Active” box. This is to open the background image we just created in Photoshop. Take note that we are bringing this background image into iClone in order to use it as a reference, and not as part of the final project. We will use the background image later again in Step 7.


For Your Information (FYI)

In iClone you may import an infinite amount of props, buildings, plants, sceneries, special effects, animals, characters and figurines to work with. In this example we will work with an iClone add-on content pack that includes a figurine named Mr. Pose. You may also import other 3D models from different sources but just make sure the formats are compatible with iClone. Remember that you may apply preset motions from the motion library by selecting the Animation tab and then Motion in the Menu Bar. You may also choose to freely pose any way you want. (see picture below)


If you need a different look or identity for your prop or character, then you may easily change the Material and Texture maps. You may choose: Porcelain, Metal, Marble, Crystal, Frosted Glass or any other options you like. To do so, load a Material in Actor/Skin/Material & Texture Settings and then choose the desired Material. (see picture below)

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