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Create a Chic Summer Style Poster in Photoshop


Step 17

Group all layers with a model (Cmd/Ctrl + G) and duplicate it (Cmd/Ctrl + J). Merge the resulting copy (Cmd/Ctrl + E or go to Layer > Merge Layers). Change Blending Mode to “Overlay” and Fill to 70%. If you decide to leave the original layer with the model simply go to next step.


Step 18

Duplicate merged model layer two times and convert each layer to Smart Object (right click on layer > Convert to Smart Object). Go to Filter > Other > High Pass… Set Radius to 10 pixels. This layer is increase the sharpness of detail and show even the smallest details.


Step 19

For a top model layer add a filter “Glowing Edges” from Filter Gallery (Filter > Filter Gallery > Stylize > Glowing Edges) with settings Edge Width: 1, Edge Brightness: 8, Smoothness: 5. Set layer blending Mode to “Screen”. This layer is to create a glowing edge of the image, which is very good showing the effect of drawing. With similarly effect works filter “Find Edges” (Filter > Stylize > Find Edges) only the outlines will be dark. In case of this filter you should use “Multiply” Blending Mode.


Step 20

Add a bit of contrast in a picture. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels… or use “Create new fill or adjustment layer” icon at the bottom of Layer panel. Set Blacks: 99, Midtones: 1.14, Whites: 255. Change layer Blending Mode to “Multiply”. Hold Opt/Alt and drag the layer mask from “Background” group on an adjustment layer so as not to affect to the model.


Step 21

Now play around with color. In this step, you can open three possible tinting of the image. Create a new adjustment layer “Gradient Map” (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map…) below “Model” group. Set up gradient #030303 > #0c0b0b > #3a3732 > #77736a > #92b9cc > #cfe0e8 > #fcfcfc.


Step 22

Click on adjustment layer mask and go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Now we need to make contrast clouds. Press Cmd/Ctrl + L or go to Image > Adjustments > Levels… to open “Levels” adjustment window and set for blacks: 105, midtones: 1, whites: 120. Need a good contrast to create areas with color.


Step 23

With selected layer mask go to Filter > Filter Gallery > Sketch > Halftone Pattern. Make following values for this filter Size: 2, Contrast: 25, Pattern Type: Lines and effect is ready. This effect is very good, give pleasant poster mood and completes the picture.


Step 24

Go back to adjustment layer. If you set Blending Mode of this layer to “Color Burn” colors become richer and deeper. But you can use Blending Mode “Hue” you’ll see that there was a beautiful shade of turquoise, which is very beautiful in harmony with the general composition. You can also experiment with other blending modes like “Darker Color”, “Screen”, etc.


Step 25

This step to your liking. You can add text to your holiday destination or other information at your request. In my case, this element is decorative. Take a Horizontal Type Tool (T) and type any text that you want. Set type “Brush Script Std Medium”, Size: 205.27px and color #fff200. With Free Transform Tool (Ctrl/Cmd+T or Edit > Free Transform) rotate your text. Move this layer below gradient layer.


Step 26

add a style to the text. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow/ Gradient Overlay/ Outer Glow… For styler Inner Glow/ Outer Glow… settings the same – Blend Mode: “Screen”, Opacity: 35%, Size: 7px. For a Gradient Overlay set Blend Mode: “Lighten”, Opacity: 75%, gradient: #ff7102 > #ffff00 > #ff7102, Style: Linear, Angle: 127 and click OK. That’s all!

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