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How to Create a Dark Mysterious Hideout from a Rough Sketch

Learn how to create a dark mysterious hideout in a rocky mountainous place in Photoshop. How will we find this tutorial useful? Well, I won’t brag about this tutorial, so I have to tell you that I won’t promise you special or sophisticated techniques used in this tutorial. However, by reading and following this tutorial, you will be amazed on how simple and essential techniques like blending, masking, color adjustments, basic painting and some others can be easily applied to create a nice scenic panorama.

The idea of this tutorial is just simple is that creating dramatic scene featuring rocky mountainous place set in dark scenic atmosphere which people may assume (just like I do hehehee…) to be a hideout where vampires, ghost or sorts of reside. So get yourself ready with your Photoshop CS3 or newer, a glass of tea or coffee and….. a pack of cigarette will be good companions. Let’s start!

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Step 1

Open Photoshop and start creating a new document in it by hitting Ctrl+N. Set the size of the document like the one shown in the screenshot below:


Firstly, I tried to map what I had in mind by creating gradual scratches about the scene I am going to create. Here it is:.


Step 2

Well, make sure that we have downloaded all stocks in the stock list and save them in our computer. In this kind of photo manipulation, finding good stocks will be essential. Good and suitable stocks really will help us to execute the idea we have. In this early step we will create the right composition of our scene. Open the stock image. Take lasso tool in the tool panel and cut out the rock highlighted in red. I named this cut out rock 1


Step 3

Add the cut out to the main document. Take free transform tool (Ctrl+T) and then scale its size. Place it in left part of document. Here is the screenshot for your inspiration.


Duplicate the rock 1 layer (Ctrl+J) and place the duplicate where needed as shown in the screenshot. Select all the rock layers and group them in one folder. I named this folder rock.


Step 4

Proceed to add another rock to fill the composition on the left of the scene. Open the other rock image and cut out the red highlighted part. I named this cut out left rock..


Add the left rock to the main scene. Make sure to position this left rock layer above the rock folder. Take free transform tool. With the tool scale its size to the one needed. We need to alter the perspective of this rock, to do this right click on the document when the free transform tool still activated to show up free transform option. Choose perspective. Drag the anchor point to the direction shown in the screenshot to alter the perspective of the rock:


Duplicate the left rock layer and move the duplicate to the right side to place it in front of the rock created in previous step 3. I named this duplicate right rock. Take the free transform tool and alter the shape of this right rock by warping it.


Step 5

In this step we will add waterfalls to the scene. Open the waterfall image and cut out the part needed.

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