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How to Create a Gothic Photo Manipulation of a Brave Warrior in Photoshop

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  1. How to Design Responsive School ID in Photoshop. please make a tutorial. thank you.

  2. Irina says:

    msRiotte, Thanks.Another amazing lesson. You wonder. I experienced a huge plantation during this lesson. my work

  3. francisco says:

    Please help me , i have a problem with the brush.
    Look this , my brush dont paint like you brush, dont have the same effect and i cant do a lot of projects.
    Please why??

  4. William Bunarto says:

    thanks for the very great tutorial, since i was new in this ps photo manipulation and i can’t do everything like u do, so i take couple of layers from your psd, i combine my layers with yours, is that ok?

    by the way here is my final result photo :

    1. eton tabaniag says:

      sir.. william. can u help me.. can u send me ur photoshop format a PSD on that Photoshop toturial. thank you
      send me via my email

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