Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel

Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel
Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel

Learn how to create this mystical forest scene with a beautiful angel reading a book. This fantasy photo manipulation tutorial will teach you how to turn a forest photo into a night forest scene with shafts of light, create an angle by adding really beautiful wings to a person, and finish it up with some final touches.

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Step 1

Create new file, 1600x1200px. Place Dark Forest stock, as shown below:


Step 2 - making night in Photoshop

Now add the adjustments layer - color balance and set it:


Step 3 - making night in Photoshop

Add next adjustments layer - brightness/contrast, then set is as shown:


Step 4 – night shadows

Add adjustments layer, brightness/contrast:


At mask of this layer, choose soft brush and stroke, like there:


Step 5

Now we will prepare some shadows for angel. Draw with soft rounded brush (65px), like arrow shows:


Then you have to blur it out! Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur (37,4px):


Change blending mode to Multiply, then change opacity to 60%:


Step 6

Add new layer. With soft rounded brush #373737 color (123px) draw dot:


Then with this same brush (23px) #898989 color draw as shown:


Step 7

Add new layer. This same brush, 35 px, black draw:


Then blur it. Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur 9,7 px:


Step 8

Add new layer. Choose the same brush, also 35 px. Draw below red spots:


Then blur it. Use recently settings. For this, choose Filter > Gaussian blur (from the top):


Step 9

Keep calm, there is only 1 shadows layer left. Now we will create shadow under wings. Choose soft round brush (65px) and set opacity to 60 %. Draw line as shown:


Blur it, maybe, using recently technique:


Step 10 - model

Paste model on the center of the image. Mask her! Don't be afraid of grass on the bottom. We will take care of it. In next steps :):


On hair you can use soft brush, but for body shape use hard brush. Results of masking:


Step 11

Wood is dark, and around is night, so we have to do shadows on our model. Add adjustments layer - brightness/contrast:


Then with soft brush, mask it:


Step 12

Add adjustments layer, choose color balance and set it:


Step 13

New adjustments layer, choose brightness/contrast:


Step 14

We'll add shadows on the model:


Light goes from top, right-corner. We have to mask this shadow, for naturally look:


As I said, light goes from right-top. We have to show it. Create adjustments layer and choose brightness/contrast:


Then mask it.


Step 15 - playing with wings

We'll start from shadows. Draw it as shown. Gently, please:


Step 16

Paste wings, as shown. Try different combinations for the best look:


Step 17

This wing will be behind, so it have to be darker and with less contrast. But now we will create a night colors. Add adjustments layer and choose color balance:


Add adjustments layer, choose brightness/contrast:


Add again adjustments layer, choose brightness/contrast:


Mask it as shown below


For better looks add once more brightness/contrast layer:


Step 18 - second wing

Now paste second wing

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32 comments on “Create a Mystical Night Forest Scene with an Angel”

  1. I don't understand Step 14

    "Paste wings, as shown. Try different combinations for the best look:"

    How do you paste and get the box in the picture?

  2. I fail to advance beyond the first few steps of this tutorial. Grammar could be improved but is not that much of an issue. What bothers me is how many steps are skips, and how vague the description of every step is. Show more of what you're doing, show more of your screen. We really need to see what you do in order to better understand.

  3. This tutorial absolutely sucks. First off his/her english is bad.. that's not a problem. But you are doing things that some people don't know how to get too and you're skipping steps.

    1. yeah i didnt get it either and seems to miss things out expecting you to know which is hard..

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