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Create a Night Fairy Tale of a Mysterious Girl in Photoshop

Create an amazing picture of a night of fairy tales and learn how to create beautiful toning for your work. In this tutorial I will show you a variety of tools to work with, talk about the creation of the composition and use of color, learn how to create realistic lighting. We also explore filter “Camera Raw” and more.

Working with color

In this tutorial, I’ll create a magical picture and tell you how to create a popular and beautiful coloring to your pictures. I’ll start tutorial by creating a background, color correction, and adding details. Then I add the model and supplement the composition of the first elements of the plan and dragonflies. The next step is to create the golden bird, and work on the color effects. In the final part I will tell you how to create a beautiful coloring and sharpening. Download all attachment links, a little logic, a good mood and be sure to have Photoshop beginning with CS

Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Create a new document via Cmd/Ctrl + N or File > New at 3000 pixels wide and 1875 pixels height, resolution 200 Pixels/Inch.


Step 2

The first step is to create a background. I found some suitable images, but in each something is not enough, so we take the most interesting parts and will mix them together. Go to File > Place…/Place Embedded and open “pond-438546” image. Resize it with holding Shift key for proportional transformation to the size of the working field, rotate it on -0.55 degrees and flip it horizontally (right – click in transform mode > Flip Horizontal).


Next place another one image – “warsaw-100294”. It is not necessary to much increase the size of the image, just try to compare the perspectives of these images and rotate it on -0.55 degrees, flip it horizontally.


Step 3

Add a layer mask to image “pond-438546” by clicking on the “Add Layer Mask” button in the layers panel (Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All). Select the Brush tool (B) then set the brush size to 300 pixels and hardness to 0%. Paint over center of image like shown in the image below.


Double-click on layer mask thumbnail and choice “Mask Edge…”. In window that appears set View: On White, check box on “Smart Radius” and Radius around 2.3px, Shift Edge to -20. Use brush in this window and brushed all edges of trimmed trees. It takes away the haze from use a soft brush and you get a good contour without any noticeable transition between textures.


Step 4

Move “warsaw-100294” layer below pond layer. Use Cmd/Ctrl + Opt/Alt + Shift + E to create a merged copy of whole image and convert this to Smart Object (right click on layer > Convert to Smart Object or Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object). To correct the image I used the filter “Camera Raw” because this filter has excellent opportunities for correction of material without the use of a whole bunch of adjustment layers. Go to Filter > Camera Raw or use shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + A. First you need to change the white balance. Set Temperature to +7, Tint to +5. Next reduce Exposure to -0.55, add a bit to Contrast: +8, Highlights: -100, Shadows: +100, Whites: +23, Blacks: +43, Clarity: +23.

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