Create a Striking Photo Manipulation of a Face Distorted in Space

Create a Striking Photo Manipulation of a Face Distorted in Space

Step 38

We don’t want this effect all over the place but only showing in the right side of the scene. Add a layer mask to the effect layer and hide the left side of it until you have something like the image below.

Step 39

Repeat steps 37 and 38 with different effects from the downloaded effects folders. Feel free to rotate and resize them with Free Transform but don’t forget to convert them to Smart Objects beforehand. Add layer mask to hide unwanted regions and keep in mind that you want these effects showing mostly on the right side of the scene.

Step 40

Let’s add a lens flare effect. Create a new layer and fill it with black. Render a lens flare with the settings shown below by going to Filter > Render > Lens Flare.

Step 41

Change the lens flare layer blending mode to Color Dodge and lower the opacity to 70%. Add a layer mask to hide the regions that are ugly or too powerful and feel free to move around the layer as you wish – beware though the hard lines that will show when moving the lens flare – if they appear hide them in the layer mask with a black brush.

Step 42

Let’s add some overall highlights to put focus on some areas and improve the scene lighting. Create a new layer and change the blending mode to Overlay. With a round soft brush at 30% opacity paint over the indicated areas. Paint with black at 20% opacity over the moon and some areas on the margins of the scene to allow the center to show better.

Step 43

Create a new Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast) and use the settings shown below to boost the contrast a bit.

Step 44

Let’s add more soft contrast and boost the intensity. Create a new layer from all the visible layers and apply a 150px Gaussian Blur. Change the blending mode to Soft Light and lower the fill to 51%. You’ll see that the effect is too strong in some areas (black regions over the eyes for example) so add a layer mask and hide those regions with a round soft black brush until the final result looks good.

Final Results

Download the PSD

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This was all - thank you for following this tutorial. I am a guy who enjoys all things digital. I've been using Photoshop for the last 6 years and I love creating photo manipulations because they allow me to express the artistic side of me.


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