How to Create a Grim Reaper Scene Artwork in Photoshop

How to Create a Grim Reaper Scene Artwork in Photoshop
Now let’s add 2 Curves Adjustment Layers to color correct our Reaper. TIP (When importing layer from other images there 2 types of general adjustments you want to make for a seamless blending: color and luminance adjustment. For color adjustment you add a clipped curves adjustment layer and try to match the colors of the surrounding environment. You can measure the black and the white points of the environment and the imported layer for precise adjustments but you can obtain some pretty good results only with visual comparison. So for color adjustment modify only the color channels of the curves adjustment. For luminance adjustment add a curves adjustment layer and increase or decrease the luminosity of the imported layer based on it’s environment. This type of adjustment it’s pretty easy to make. To further increase the separation between the 2 adjustments you can set the first curve adjustment layer to color blending mode and the second one to luminance. )

Step 5

To make our Reaper more interesting let’s make a medallion. Draw a small shape on the Reaper’s neck with soft grey brush then add the following effects.

Step 6

Let’s make the shadows. Make a duplicate of the “Reaper” layer, Ctrl+Click this layer to select it than fill it with black (D to set default colors and Alt+Backspace to fill the selection). Deselect than add a 3 px Gaussian Blur. Press Ctrl+T to transform this shape like shown below. Add a layer mask and using the Gradient Tool and black and white as default colors drag from the margin towards the center of the layer mask to partially mask the upper shadow. Also mask the areas where shadow doesn’t supposed to be. Lower the opacity of this layer to 30% and set the blending mode to Multiply. Make another duplicate of the “Reaper” layer and fill it with black. Add a 2 px Gaussian Blur than free transform it like shown below. Add a layer mask than apply the Gradient tool from margin towards interior using white and black as default colors. Lower the opacity to 84% and change the blend mode to Multiply. Duplicate this layer and press Ctrl+T to Free Transform. Right+Click and choose Flip Horizontally than move the layer like shown below. Lower the opacity to 45%. Group these shadow layers than add a quick mask and if necessary mask away the extra parts. Your shadows should look like in the image below.
Step 7. Select the type tool and a font of your choice to add a scary message. Rasterize the type layer and press Ctrl+T to transform like shown below. Change it’s bleding mode to Overlay and because the type is barely visible duplicate the layer.

Step 8

Let’s make some further adjustments to our image to establish the mood and the atmosphere. First add a Black & White adjustment layer, change it’s blend mode to Color Dodge and using the Gradient Tool mask away the upper parts of the image. This increases the contrast and gives us some interesting lightning . Next add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to decrease the saturation and using the Gradient Tool in the layer mask hide the upper part of the adjustment. If you masked away the medallion than using a round soft white brush and restore it’s saturation by painting with a white brush in the layer mask. Now add a Gradient Map adjustment layer and use the colors shown below. In the layer mask use the Gradient tool to mask away the lower part of the image so only the clouds will get affected. Change the blending mode to Soft Light and lower the opacity to 20%. This step will make our clouds more grim.

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  1. This is an awesome tut but the "desert" picture is no longer available on DeviantArt.....Could you suggest another pic?

    1. @PhasmaParanorma I just looked at different pictures on Google of a "cracked desert" and found the most suitable one! :)

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