Let Me Sink - Emotional Rainy Scene Photo Manipulation

Let Me Sink - Emotional Rainy Scene Photo Manipulation

Step 28

In this step I will add more hair for model. Depending on your model hair you can make different strands. Create a new layer, I use Polygonal Lasso Tool to make some selections and fill with color # 563e54:
Add a new layer with Clipping Mask like in step 26. Use Dodge and Burn Tool to make the hair look more realistic.
Take a new layer ( Clipping Mask) and use soft white brush painting outside the hair strands to add more light for it. Set the mode as Soft light 100%.

Step 29

Open ripple stock. Take a part of it and drag it to our document, resize and place it on the lake surface. Change the mode to Color Dodge 100% and add layer mask to erase some rough edges of it:
Hit Cmd/Ctrl+M to open Curves dialog, down the light to get this result :
Duplicate it many times ( I used 51 layers for this ripple effect, then you should group them for easily browing), resize and change opacity from 50-70%, also change the mode to Screen for some layers ( I set the mode for ripples r in dark part as Color Dodge and in bright parts as Screen):

Step 30

Create a new layer and set foreground color to white. Use drop splash brush, number 83 to paint on lake surface. Put the mode as Soft light 70%:
You may notice that I don't add much ripple and drop splash to the part around model. I'll explain it in next step.

Step 31

In this step I'll make mist effect for model to be intergrated better with misty background. Create a new layer and I place it on the top. Use Lasso Tool ( press L to choose this tool) and draw a selection around model, set feather for it = 30:
Fill this selection with color #b6bcd0 and lower opacity to 10%:

Step 32

We will make rain in this step. We will make rain falling straightly from above to be suitable with direction of umbrella. Make a new layer and fill it with black. Choose Filter-Noise-Add Noise:
After adding noise, choose Image-Adjustment-Threshold:
Then click Filter-Blur-Motion Blur:
After that press Cmd/Ctrl+L to open Levels dialog:
Change the mode to Screen 50%:
Duplicate this layer and apply a filter to make rain look softer and more realistic. On duplicated rain layer, choose Filter-Artistic-Poster Edges:
Name these layers as "rain 1" and "rain 2". With each rain layer, I add layer mask to blur rain parts to get natural look ( use brush with low opacity):
Because the cover of umbrella, a part around dress bottom( on the lake) is not affected much by falling rain so I only add a little ripple, drop splash as well as trim rain drops falling around.

Step 33

In this step we will make wet effect for umbrella. Create a new layer above drop splashes layer and I use brush and color #5e7293, hardness from 100% to paint as shown below. Change the mode to Multipy 70%. You should vary opacity and the size of brush because there are some parts which need to be wetter than the rest:
Apply Gassian Blur with 9px:
I use a new layer to add some smaller rain traces on umbrella. Take hard brush with same color, small size ( 2-3 px) and paint on umbrella. Apply Gassian Blur with 1.5 px:

Step 34

I want to add some rain drops on umbrella. Make a new layer, I use white brush with hardness 30-50% and 3-5 px to spot on umbrella and change the mode to Soft light 100%. Lower the fill to 0% and apply Bevel and Emboss, Inner Shadow from Blending options:

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