Let Me Sink - Emotional Rainy Scene Photo Manipulation

Let Me Sink - Emotional Rainy Scene Photo Manipulation

Let Me Sink - Emotional Rainy Scene Photo Manipulation

Step 26

Make a new layer on the top with Clipping Mask option and fill it with 50% gray:


Take Dodge & Burn Tool with Midtones Range and Exposure 50-60% to darken and brighten some parts of model : face, nose, check, fingers, dress. You can see how I used these tools from Normal mode ( the brighter parts are touched by Dodge tool and dark parts by Burn tool) and result ( Overlay mode):


Step 27

As the main light source from behind model so I use Inner Shadow effect to add more light for model. Right click model layer, choose Blending options:


After adding glowing light for model, the dress bottom must be darkened as it doesn't catch light from background. Take a new layer which is set on the top ( no Clipping Mask). Use brush with color #726f75 painting on bottom of dress and change the mode of this layer to Multipy 20%:


Step 28

In this step I will add more hair for model. Depending on your model hair you can make different strands. Create a new layer, I use Polygonal Lasso Tool to make some selections and fill with color # 563e54:


Add a new layer with Clipping Mask like in step 26. Use Dodge and Burn Tool to make the hair look more realistic.


Take a new layer ( Clipping Mask) and use soft white brush painting outside the hair strands to add more light for it. Set the mode as Soft light 100%.


Step 29

Open ripple stock. Take a part of it and drag it to our document, resize and place it on the lake surface. Change the mode to Color Dodge 100% and add layer mask to erase some rough edges of it:


Hit Cmd/Ctrl+M to open Curves dialog, down the light to get this result :


Duplicate it many times ( I used 51 layers for this ripple effect, then you should group them for easily browing), resize and change opacity from 50-70%, also change the mode to Screen for some layers ( I set the mode for ripples r in dark part as Color Dodge and in bright parts as Screen):


Step 30

Create a new layer and set foreground color to white. Use drop splash brush, number 83 to paint on lake surface. Put the mode as Soft light 70%:


You may notice that I don't add much ripple and drop splash to the part around model. I'll explain it in next step.

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