Perform Laser Eye Surgery on a Photo with Photoshop

Perform Laser Eye Surgery on a Photo with Photoshop
Zoom in close so that you can clearly see the edge. Paint the edges very slightly to remove the edge color cast. Your brush should just be hovering over the edge slightly.
And here’s what we have after cleaning up the edge.
Here’s a comparison between the red and blue background. The red background on the original image makes the surgery look serious and dangerous. The blue background calms the viewer down and help make them feel that laser eye surgery is safe.

Step 5 – Create a new layer for the cutout of the flap

Create a new layer (Layer > New) and position it as the top. This layer will be used to create the cutout look from the flap that we’ll create later.

Step 6 – Create a circle that is the same shape as the iris

Use the circular marquee tool and create a circle selection on the eye like shown below. To do this, point your cursor over the center of the pupil. Hold down the Alt and Shift key then move your mouse outwards to create a perfect circle. The Alt key will make the selection created from the center rather than a corner and the Shift key will keep the selection a perfect circle and not an oval.
Fill the selected area with white then press Ctrl+D or choose Select > Deselect to deselect.
Press Ctrl+T or choose Edit > Free Transform to use the free transform tool. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on drag on each of the corner to reshape the circle. Transform the circle so that it is shaped like the iris. Press enter on your keyboard to apply the changes.

Step 7 – Apply layer styles to create the cutout effect

First, change the blending mode to multiply. Whenever you want to create transparent-looking cutouts or objects (ex. water drops, contacts, etc.), you’ll want to use the multiply blend mode.
Right click on the layer then choose blending options. Apply a Bevel and Emboss style with the settings shown in the image below. This will give the LASIK flap cutout effect on the eye. Apply an Inner Glow style with the settings below. This will darken the inside of the cornea.
Click OK to exit out of the layer style window. The effect should look too strong. Lower the opacity until you get more realistic looking results.
And finally, here’s what the LASIK flap cutout looks like. Next, we’ll add the LASIK flap.

Step 8 – Rename the Layers

Usually if your document has few layers you don’t have to rename the layers. When you start to add more layers, you should rename your layers so that you can easily find the layer you want to work on. We’re starting to get more layers so we’ll rename the layers. Rename the adjustment layer to “Blue Background” and the top layer to “LASIK flap cutout”.

Step 9 – Create a new layer for the LASIK flap

Create a new layer as the top layer and rename this layer to “LASIK flap”.

Step 10 – Create the shape of the LASIK flap

Hold the Ctrl key and click on the thumbnail from the “LASIK flap cutout” layer. This will create a selection based on the transparency of the “LASIK flap cutout” layer. You should still have the “LASIK flap” layer selected. Fill the selection with white then press Ctrl+D to deselect.
Select the move tool and move the circle down like shown in the image below.

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