Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation

Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation
As you can see I also darkered the area in front of the woman. It seems bit light to me.

Step 15 - Adding the Ravens

Download the picture of ravens. This stock is really great because it´s on transparent background so you don´t have to cut out the background which saves a lot of time. Open the picture with ravens and grab the Marquee Tool (M), select raven you want to use and drag it into your manipulation. Do the same with all ravens and place them as you can see on the preview picture or whatever you like.

Step 16 - Adding Small Feathers

To add feathers you need to download these brushes and install it into Photoshop. To get variety which will look realistic you need to set dynamic of the brush. In Photoshop CS3 you can find the button Brushes left to the Navigator.
First set the Shape Dynamics as it´s shown bellow:
Size Jitter sets how much can be size of the brush different from the size you set. Angle Jitter causes that the feathers will have different angels and the Roudness Jitter adds bit roundness which increases the variety little more. Now set Scattering as it´s shown bellow:
Create new layer on the top of your layers and name it SMALL FEATHERS. Pick dark grey or black color and paint some feathers. After this step your manipulation should be similar to this one:

Step 17 - Changing the Light on the Ground

In this step I will show you little trick how to easily change the lights and shadows on the ground so they will fit to the lights of the sky. As you can see there are some lighter and darker parts on the sky and they should reflect on the ground too. Right click on the layer SKY and select Duplicate Layer. Name this new layer LIGHTS ON THE GROUND and place it on the top of your layers. Now go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Grab the Move Tool (V) and place the layer over the part of the manipulation where the ground is. Press Ctrl + Shift + U to desaturate the layer. Bellow you can see what to do:
Now change the Blending Mode on Overlay and lower the Opacity on 60%. Bellow you can see how the ground looks with and without this layer

Step 18 - Adding Lights And Shadows on the Body

As you can see on the preview picture the lightest part of the picture is the sky on the right side. This will be our light source. In this step we will add lights on the right part of women´s body and shadows on the left part. Add new layer on the top of your layers and name it e.g. LIGHTS ON THE BODY. Grab the Gradient Tool (G), pick #808080 grey color and fill the layer. Change Blending Mode on Overlay. Grab Dodge Tool (O), set the Exposure on 50% and paint over the areas which should be lighter. Than gran Burn Tool and paint over the areas which should be darker as it´s shown bellow:

Step 19 - Adding Lights To The Sky

It this step we will make the light source bit stronger. Add new layer on the top of your layers and name it LIGHT SOURCE. Grab the Brush Tool (B), select some big, soft, round brush, pick white color and lower Opacity on 50%. Now paint a dott over the lightest part of the sky. Bellow you can see what I mean:

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  1. The branches, ravens and some brushes don't exists and its a pity that I cannot complete you very nice tutorial. Regards Magdalena

  2. Got this tutorial from the Google search engine.. but i really appreciate the work you have done in this Photoshop tutorial...

  3. Great tutorial but the raven link no longer exists. I think this tutorial would be suited to intermediate, definitely not a beginners tutorial.

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