Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation

Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation
Add new adjustment layer Color Balance on the top of your layers and set it as you can see here:
Create clipping mask from that layer. Now add adjustment layer Hue/Saturation and set the value Saturation on -40 to lower the saturation. Create clipping mask again because you want to affect TRUNK only. Add one more adjustment layer - Levels and set Input Levels on 18; 0,85; 214. Don´t forget to create clipping mask.
Bellow you can see how the adjustment layers affect the trunk:

Step 11 - Adding Texture over Women´s Body

In this step we will add texture to women´s body. Duplicate the layer TRUNK and place it over the bottom part of her body. Name the layer e.g. BOTTOM TEXTURE and change Blending Mode on Overlay. Add vector mask to this layer, grab the Brush Tool (B). select soft round brush and pick black color. Lower the opacity of the brush and start blending the texture with body. Change the size and opacity of the brush from time to time to get realistic result. The texture of the trunk doesn´t fit well to the body, it should be little curved. To fix that go to Edit > Transform > Warp and addapt the texture to the shape of the body.
After these steps the body should look like this:
Duplicate the layer TRUNK once again and place it over the top part of the body. Name it TOP TEXTURE. Change the Blending Mode on Overlay again, add vector mask and blend this layer too. Then use Warp again and addapt the texture to the top part of the body. Bellow you can see how your image should look so far:

Step 12 - Adding Spider Web

In this step we will add spider web. It´s nice detail which evokes that the treewoman has stood there for a very long time. Download the spider web brushes. Create new layer on the top of your layers and name it SPIDER WEB. Grab the Brush Tool (B) and install new brushes you´ve just downloaded. If you don´t know how to install new brushes look at this tutorial. Pick white color, set the opacity on about 80% and paint the spider webs. Grab the Eraser Tool (E) and erase the parts of the webs which lead to empty space.

Step 13 - Adding the Spanish Moss

Spanish moss is another nice detail which evokes old, forgotten atmosphere. We will add it in this step. Download the spanish moss brushes. Create new layer and name it SPANISH MOSS. Grab the Brush Tool (B) and instal new brushes the same way you´ve installed the spider web brushes. Pick dark green color and paint the moss. Use slightly different colors for each moss. This way it will look realistic because in nature there are not things with the exactly same color. Look how your image should look after this step:

Step 14 - Adding "3D Effect" To The Legs

As you can see the texture on woman´s legs is flat which doesn´t look realistic. We will fix it now. Add new layer on the top of your layer. Grab the Gradient Tool (G) and fill the layer with solid #808080 grey color. Change the blending mode of the layer on Overlay. Grab the Burn Tool (O) and start burning the areas of her legs which should be darker. Then grab the Dodge Tool and lighten areas which should be lighter as it is shown bellow:

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  1. The branches, ravens and some brushes don't exists and its a pity that I cannot complete you very nice tutorial. Regards Magdalena

  2. Got this tutorial from the Google search engine.. but i really appreciate the work you have done in this Photoshop tutorial...

  3. Great tutorial but the raven link no longer exists. I think this tutorial would be suited to intermediate, definitely not a beginners tutorial.

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