Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation

Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial I will show you how to create photo manipulation with using of different textures and blending modes. I will also show you different ways how to set lights and shadows and how to adjust colors in your work to everything fix together. Let’s get started

Preview of Final Results


Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1 - Creating The Background

Download picture of background and picture of sky. Create a new Photoshop document and drag these images into the document. Place layer with the sky above the ground and name it SKY. Name the layer with the ground simply GROUND.

Add layer mask to the SKY. The button Add layer mask can be found on the bottom part of your palette Layers. If you don´t see this palette simply press F7.

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Download Free Presets

Download Lightroom presets and LUTs, absolutely free. Use the presets to add creativity and style to your photos.

5 comments on “Terrifying Horror Photo Manipulation”

  1. The branches, ravens and some brushes don't exists and its a pity that I cannot complete you very nice tutorial. Regards Magdalena

  2. Got this tutorial from the Google search engine.. but i really appreciate the work you have done in this Photoshop tutorial...

  3. Great tutorial but the raven link no longer exists. I think this tutorial would be suited to intermediate, definitely not a beginners tutorial.

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