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AVIAN Studios Logo
Ok. Now we have set our 'Guides' in our canvas for the correct alignment of the design elements.
Now we are going to the next step in which we will precisely add our main text between the 'Guides'. But before that let me talk about the second method to add 'Guides' interactively into your canvas. In this method we drag from the 'Horizontal Ruler' to create a new 'Horizontal Ruler' and drag from the 'Vertical Ruler' for a 'Vertical Guide'.
We created a 'Horizontal Guide' by Clicking and Dragging from the 'Horizontal Ruler'. You can use the similar method to create a 'Vertical Guide'. Ok now you know both the methods to add 'Guides' to your canvas. Then we are going to the next step.

Step 3 – Add the text

In this Step we are going to add the text 'avain' to our image. It is a long step so you can have a cup of tea to refresh yourself. Ok. First select the 'Horizontal Type' tool from the toolbox.
In the Type Tool Options bar change the font to Dotum, font size to 106 pt,anti aliasing method to 'smooth' and the font colour to black.
Then turn on the 'caps lock' in the keyboard because all letters should be in capital. Click somewhere near the left 'Vertical Guide' and write the letter 'V'.
Then select the 'Move' tool from the tool box. You can also select the tool by pressing 'V' on the keyboard.
Right click on the newly formed layer in the layers palate,
A new window opens and from that window select 'Duplicate Layer'.
In the dialog box change the name as 'Ist A' and click OK
Right click on the new layer named 'Ist A' and select 'duplicate layer'
In the window change the name to '2nd A' and Click Ok.
Hold the 'Shift' key on the keyboard then select the 'Ist A' and '2nd A' layer from the layers palate. Holding the Shift key will add to your selection when you make a selection. In this case you can use the Shift key to select more than one layer.
Ok now press the 'Ctrl' key in the keyboard and the letter 't' together. That will add a Transform box to the letters.
Then Right click inside the transform box and select 'Flip Vertical' from the dialogue box pops up.
You will end up at this.
Press 'Enter' to apply the transform. Now select the '2nd A' by clicking on it in the layers palate. Press 'V' to activate the 'Move' tool. Click somewhere in the canvas then drag towards the right. It will make the letter move to the right. You will be presented with the following image.
Now repeat the same steps for the 'Ist A' but click and drag towards the left side of of the canvas instead.
Then let's add the letter 'I' to the image. Press the letter 't' on the keyboard which will select the 'Type' tool and click on somewhere near the second letter 'A'. Write the letter 'I'.
Now we are going to add the letter 'N' to our design. Just click on the 'Move' tool to activate it(Do not try to activate it with the keyboard shortcut in this stage.You will get another letter 'V' in your design if you do so. Then press the letter 't' on the keyboard to activate the 'Type' tool. We are doing this additional step of selecting the 'Move' tool to get the letter 'N' in a new layer. Got it?

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  1. I think you made some parts harder for yourself then it needs to be. You always have the center tool and low tolerance magic wand. :)

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