AVIAN Studios Logo

AVIAN Studios Logo
Click on somewhere near the letter 'I' and write the letter 'N'. Make sure that the 'caps-lock' is switched on.

Step 4 – Align the text

Ok. Now we are going to perfectly align these letters within the 'Guides. Press the letter 'v' on the keyboard to select the 'Move' tool. On its 'Option Bar' click on the 'Auto Select Layer' option to turn it on. This is a cool feature which will let you select any element in your design without actually going to the layers palate. Just click on any visible element and as you drag the element will start to move.
Ok. Now using the 'Move' tool align all the elements within the 'Guides'.
Now they are within the 'Guides'. But look at the letter 'N'. It is a bit small in size when compared to the other letters in the design. Let's correct it. Click on the letter 'N'. Then press Ctrl+t on the keyboard to activate the transform option. A transform box appears around the letter 'N'. Use the Control point to change the width of the letter 'N'.
Press 'Enter' to apply the transform.Now the width of the letter 'N' is Ok.
Now let's arrange all the letter precisely within the 'Guides'. Select all the layers except the 'Layer 0'. You can use the Shift key to select more than one layer.
Then press Ctrl+t to activate the transform option. You can see a transform box appears around the letters. Use the right control point to move the letters to the right side.
Until it touches the right 'Vertical Guide'.
You can also make some minor adjustments like adjusting the space between each letter with the use of 'Move' tool and adjusting the width of letters using the 'transform' option. You can stop where every letter is in perfect harmony with each other. I made some minor changes too.
Ok now we have entered the main text and aligned it perfectly. In the next step we are going to add the sub text to our design.

Step 6 - Add the “studios” text

Ok now let us add the text 'studios' to the image. Make sure that the Caps-Lock is turned on. Select the 'Type' tool by pressing 't' on the keyboard, and on the 'Options bar' set the font family to 'Microsoft Yi Baiti', font size to 34.74 pt and anti aliasing method to 'smooth'.
Then type the word 'STUDIOS' just below the word 'AVAIN' and towards the right 'Vertical Guide'.
Ok now we can adjust the size of the word and align it precisely. Just click on the 'STUDIOS' layer in the layer palate the press 'V' to activate the 'Move' tool then press Ctrl+t to bring the transform into action. A transform box appears around the word. Using the Control points adjust the width and hieght of the word. You can also use the control point on the bottom side of the transform box to adjust the height.
Now we aligned it in this way...
Then select the 'Type' tool from the toolbox, select the word 'studios' using the tool, and after the selection is made right click within that selection. A menu opens, from that menu select the option 'Faux Bold'.
Now you can re-size the word to balance it with the main text. You can use the 'Move' tool if you want to move the word. I did some minor changes too.
Yes, we have added the main text and the sub text to our design. Now it is time to give a proper colour to both the texts. We are going to add a nice gradient effect to the main text. But we should create that gradient from scratch. So let's move to the next step to create a cool gradient.

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  1. I think you made some parts harder for yourself then it needs to be. You always have the center tool and low tolerance magic wand. :)

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