AVIAN Studios Logo

AVIAN Studios Logo
AVIAN Studios Logo

Ok. We have created a cool gradient. In the next step we are going to add the gradient to our main text.

Step 8 – Applying the Gradient to the Text

Ok. We have created a cool gradient and in this step we are going to apply it to the main text.

First double click on the layer named 'Ist A'


Which opens the 'layer style' window, click on the 'gradient overlay' on the left side. It will show various gradient overlay options on the right side. Just click on the small arrow beside the gradient colour box, another small window pops out showing available gradients. We can see the gradient 'dark brown' towards the bottom of the window. Click it to select the gradient.


Change the other options as shown in the following image and click O.K.


Now we have applied the cool gradient to the letter 'A'


Step 9 – Copy the Gradient to the Other Layers

Right click on the 'Ist A' layer and click 'Copy Layer Style'


....now right click on the layer 'V' and click 'Paste Layer Style'


That applies the gradient to the layer 'V'


Repeat the same step for the remaining letters.


Ok now we have applied the gradient to the main text of our design. In the next step we are going to change the colour of the sub-text 'studios'.

Step 10 – Design the ribbon

In this important step we are going to design a ribbon which goes between the letters of the text 'avain'. This ribbon gives beauty to the design. Pay special attention to the curves of the ribbon. They should be smooth and dynamic. Have an eye for perfection in this step. If the ribbon is perfect the entire design will be beautiful. Ok now let's start our step.

Select the ellipse tool from the toolbox.


Draw a long ellipse through the centre of the letters


To accurately draw the ribbon we have to enlarge the image to a certain extent.

Enter the value 300 within the small box placed on the bottom left corner of the window which determines the percentage of the 'zoom'


You have to move the slider to view the specific part of the design.The slider can be used to reach to any part of the image.


Then press 'Ctrl+T' to transform the shape. From the window select the 'warp' option.


The warp option control has several control points on the left side and the right side. Move all the control points on the left side to the bottom. In the following image already one control point is moved to the bottom.

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  1. I think you made some parts harder for yourself then it needs to be. You always have the center tool and low tolerance magic wand. :)

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