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AVIAN Studios Logo
AVIAN Studios Logo

First click on the Fifth stop and change it location to 80%


For fourth colour stop-63%

For third colour stop-50%

For second colour stop-36%


Now change the name to 'ribbon colour' and press 'new' and 'OK' which will save the gradient that we just made.


Now apply the gradient to the ribbon. select the shape(ribbon) layer and double click on it. Click the 'gradient overlay' option and select the 'ribbon colour' gradient from the gradient drop down box.


Then change the settings as shown in the following image.....angle-0, scale-105 and click OK...


It's done.


Step 13 – Adding shadow to the ribbon

In this step we are going to add some shadows to the ribbon......

Now right click on the layer 'v' and click 'duplicate layer'


Also duplicate the layers 'n' and 'i'.

Now move the duplicated layers just below their parent layers one by one.


Now change the opacity of the parent layers 'v','n','i' to 10%


Now rasterize all the duplicated layers by right clicking on the layers and selecting 'rasterize type'.

Then select 'polygonal lasso tool' from the tool box.


Then click on the 'v copy layer' then in the canvas draw a selection as shown in the following image using the lasso tool.


Then just delete the selection.....


Now the lower part....


We need only that part of the letter which is just above the ribbon. got it? repeat the steps for the letter 'n' and 'i'.




Then change the opacity of the parent layers from 10% to 100%.




Then double click on any one of the duplicated layers (ncopy or vcopy or icopy) and click on the drop shadow effect. Change the values as shown in the following image..


If you are done click 'OK'

Now right click on the duplicated layer that we just added a drop shadow effect and from the menu select 'copy layer style'.

Then right click on the other duplicated layers and from the menu select 'paste layer style'.

You will get this....


Step 14 – Add a border

Then we add a border to the image. double click on the background layer- 'layer 0', from the window that pops out click on the 'stroke' to activate the effect. Change the settings as in the following image. Change the colour to R-91,G-75,B-66, click OK....

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  1. I think you made some parts harder for yourself then it needs to be. You always have the center tool and low tolerance magic wand. :)

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