Jungle Text

Jungle Text

Step 44

Once you’re done, double click the layer and add a drop shadow of a size of 6 with a distance and spread of 0. Now we can add a berry to the bottom vine:

Step 45

You’re almost done, just hang in there! Go back to the original berry window, hit V and drag and drop the group onto the layer, this time you don’t have to resize. Just rotate a bit and place it to the far left:

Step 46

Repeat step number 45, only this time with the leaves. Go to the leaves window, drag and drop, and place in the far right:

Step 47

Now for the final touch we’ll be using a magical brush, free from brusheezy.com. If you don’t have it, no problem! You can use two brushes of 2px and 3px sizes and dot on the design, and add some haze by adding a layer underneath and blurring it. If you use the brush, it should look like this:

Step 48

Once you have it like this (make sure you’ve brushed on a new layer!), you want to use a size 17 brush with 0% hardness to remove the excess, like this:

Step 49

Now for the very last step: double click this layer (whether you used the magical brush or created your own dust) and click on ‘Outer Glow’. Leave settings at default and congratulations, you’re done!
A slight variation:
Jungle Text

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