Jungle Text

Jungle Text

Step 12

Now that we’re done with the leaves, let’s move on to the berries! In a new project with dimensions of 600 x 458 select the Elliptical marquee tool. Hold down shift and make a selection about the size of the following then fill with #ff0000. Name this layer ‘Piece’.

Step 13

Double-click on ‘Piece’ in the layer’s panel and apply the following settings:
  • Inner shadow: Opacity: 75% - Distance: 5px – Choke: 0% - Size: 38px. Make sure the ‘Use Global Light’ box is checked.
  • Bevel and Emboss: Depth: 32px – Direction: Up – Size 43px : Soften 16px. Leave the rest at default.
  • Gradient Overlay: Black-White gradient – Opacity: 16 – Angle: 90.
This ‘piece’ will be duplicated and shaped into a berry, but for now we can hide this layer while we plan our berry’s shape. Click the eye next to the layer. Your ‘piece’ should look similar to this:

Step 14

Make a new layer then select the Pen Tool (P). Click once in the center near the top (but not too close!)(1), hold shift, and click once more in at the bottom toward the center (2). Now you have a straight line! Right click the pen tool and select Add Anchor Point. Toward the top of the line click directly on top once and drag it to your right (3). Anchor one more point at the bottom and pull slightly toward the right (4):

Step 15

With the Pen tool still selected right click anywhere on the surface and select Make Selection. Be sure that the feather radius is set to 0 pixels.

Step 16

Once you have your selection, hit D to turn colors back to default black and white. Fill with black. Then, duplicate this layer (Ctrl + J), and then head over to Image (at top)> Transform > Flip Horizontal. Press V, then move the top layer to the left and position till you have a black berry-like shape. If the two shapes don’t exactly fit when you move them, you can create a new layer underneath the two and paint in the missing pieces using the brush tool. Once done, merge the berry shape layers by Ctrl + clicking them in layers panel, right-clicking > merge layers. You can name this new layer ‘Berry Shape’.

Step 17

Now that we have our shape we can start making it look like a berry! Drag ‘Piece’ and drop it on Group icon clip_image036 at the bottom of layers panel to place it in a group (this’ll make things easy later on). Now move the Group up above ‘Berry Shape’ in layers panel then hit Ctrl+ T. At the top you should see this set of fields appear. Change the ‘W’ and ‘H’ boxes from 100% to 50%. Hit enter to apply changes.

Step 18

Move ‘Piece’ to the bottom of ‘Berry Shape’ for we’re now constructing our berry! We’ll continue on this way, using ‘Berry Shape’ as a guide, by duplicating ‘Piece’ and placing the duplicates next to each other to form a row, then begin stacking, like this:

Step 19

Continue doing duplicating till the entire berry shape is covered. Remember to place them in a brick-like pattern to eliminate as many cracks as possible.

Step 20

Once you’ve covered your berry shape you can merge the ‘Pieces’ group (Right-click > Merge group) to give you one piece (while you’re at it, you can hide ‘Berry Shape too – click the eye next to it).

Step 21

Using the Burn Tool (O), darken the edges of your berry then click once in the center, after you set the brush size to 180 with a hardness of 0%, the Range to Shadows, and the Exposure to 25%.

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