"The Pain" - Create this Eerie Abstract Photo Manipulation

To reduce the contrast I add a Brightness/Contrast layer ( Layer-New adjustment layer-Brightness/Contrast):

Final Results

Download the PSD

The Pain.zip | 28.04 MB

Tutorial by Jenny Le

avatar0 Thank you for reading this tutorial. It's one of my most favorite pieces so I hope you enjoy it too. If you have any questions just leave comment here or contact me via my website. Enjoy photoshopping! - Jenny

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15 comments on “"The Pain" - Create this Eerie Abstract Photo Manipulation”

  1. I think the instruction is pretty good however when I enter some of the values for the blood colors they don't look like yours ....not sure if that is because I have an older version or what.

  2. You can turn this artwork into a symbolism of the Hong Kong police force by putting the blood in one eye only.

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