Step 10 (Smart filter on the house)

We also will give this house some smart filters as we have given ones to the other objects in this scene. Here are the smart filter should be given:


again, the same amount of Custom:


Give this smart object surface blur as well


This is the result will look like:


We need to hide the effect of the smart filters on the stone house building by masking them. Click the smart filter mask thumbnail and mask the red marked part of the house area:


Finally, give the stone house layer a layer mask and mask the edges of the image to make it blended well with the surrounding:


Step 11 (Creating the top part of the house building)

In this step we will add more shape on the top of the stone building. To achieve this, cut out the top of the guiding. Then, alter the shape of the cut out by warping it. .


Add the shape to the top of the building:


Mask the edges of the shape to make it blended well with the main building. After finding a good result, group the layers. Name the group main stone house.


Step 12 (Adding a door)

In this step, we will add a front door to the stone building we have created. Open the witch house stock image to the document. Place it where needed and also scale its size. Make sure to locate this image layer above the stone house layer within the main stone house group in the layer panel.


Mask unneeded parts of the house to hide them and only the door part of the house is revealed.


The door is a little bit dark. We need to lighten it a bit more. Here is what to do: create a new layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) above the door layer within the group. Make sure to create a clipping mask to this layer. Fill this new layer with 50% grey and set its blending to overlay at 100% opacity. With a very soft round brush, stroke white color to the areas to be lightened. Here is the normal blending of this layer will look like:


And here is the result after the layer is set to overlay at 100% opacity:


Step 13 (Giving highlight to the stone house)

Now processed to give some highlight to the edges of the stone house. Create another new layer above the main building layer within the stone house group. Give this layer a clipping mask. Make sure to choose white color for the foreground. Hit B on the keyboard to activate brush tool. With a very soft round brush set to 10-20% opacity, stroke the edges of the building to give it highlight. Here is the result should be:


We are almost done with the stone house. Finally, to make the house blended better, reduce the opacity of the house group layer to just 75-80% opacity:



  1. damn haha, took forever!! Amazing tutorial, I wouldn’t normally do something like this, but I need to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I may never use.


    Amazing feeling to finish something like this lol

    • hey how are you . my name is Arsi actually nothing is Hard you do try .. is simple and easy possible . don’t say hard and go back .. do try and come to front side . Thanks