Step 42 – Placing the Brush

Increase the brush size and paint with it on a new layer.


Step 43 – Adding Colors

Create a new layer above the layer with the screen. Right click on this new layer and select the option Create Clipping Mask. Grab the Brush Tool (B), change the Mode on Color and paint to get similar result as on the picture below. Use following colors: Blue = #0a5689, Yellow = #ffd44e, Green = #c2e01f.


Select the Move Tool (V) and place the screen and the layer with colors behind the text. See image below.


Step 44 – Duplicate & Transform

Duplicate the layer with screen and colors and flip it. To do that go to Edit > Transform Flip Horizontal and then Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Place this new layers on right side of the image.. See image below.


Step 45 – Changing Colors

Now change the colors of the right screen. Click on the layer with colors and press Ctrl+U to activate the Hue/Saturation adjustment. Follow the setting below.


You should get something like this.


Step 46 – Adding Particles

Now we will add some particles above the screen. Create a new layer. Select the Pen Tool (P) and create a path as you can see in the image below.